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A few bad bugs

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Fri Apr 12 2019 0:10:22

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    I got back from travel to Florida and found i had some apu asked for companions.
    I sleep in my daughter’s room bc of my husband’s snoring and for a week i got bit and he never was, meaning it was in my unwashed articles from the travel (a pants and some unused undies. I normally washed everything the moment i come home from travel I got a bit careless i admit)
    Anyway, so i sprayed some bug spray, no use,(mattress looking clean) and the 6th day i fired up 3 mosquito coils at once in my daughters small room(really it’s just about filled up with her single bed) and changed my clothes completely and slept in the main bedroom and the next day I found a dead bug(adult size) with a smear on the headboard)
    I fired up some more and continued to sleep in the main room.(both of us not bit at all and the my daughter’s mattress still clean looking)
    Meanwhile I searched some info and bought some bed bug spray and powders(tempo dust and d earth) and cleaned up and vacuumed the whole house thoroughly. Threw away a lot of stuff too)
    For a week or so I wiped with alcohol and steam dried everything and packed them as tight as possible (partly vacuum packed) and vacuumed and yesterday I sprayed the whole house with bed bug spray and powdered the wall outlets. Also I powered the wall bottoms with d earth to make barriers) Then went out and let them stay 4-6hrs.
    Today I suddenly thought, maybe I could treat my daughter’s room like everyday with the killer stuff since no one’s going to stay there for another 3 mo.(my daughter will come then for a brief summer vaca) and put more tempo dust on the seams of the mattress and Voilà! In the seam there was a half as big of a round dead bug! (I needed eye glasses to be sure) It could have been there all along or moved to there I wouldn’t know but i steamed the seams with steam iron once over so maybe it died then and i had not seen? Could I have missed it? When I looked through the mattress?? It is a bad news and good news situation bc I don’t think the bed bug could have gotten infested the whole house yet nor there could have been that many from the beginning. (I mean just how many could have hitchhiked a baggage for maximum two nights in one hotel?)
    I stayed in that room feeding them every night for a week and it’s been almost 2 weeks I slept in the main room and haven’t got bit at all.(my daughter’s bed has wooden furniture frame so couldn’t have done the trick but our bed legs all treated with the powder)

    Question :
    1.It’s been almost 2 weeks we had not got bit.(in the main bedroom)
    Does that mean they didn’t spread to the main room?

    2. If this continues, would we be able to starve them to death even if there is a bug or two left?(considering i keep spraying and powdering so that they would not spread out. I am a responsible person and conscious about it)

    2. As you see apparently they are not many. I know they can lay eggs and populate pretty fast but the period i fed them was a week and it’s been 2 weeks of no feeding. So no more ‘new’ babies at least. There is no telltale signs of smears or bed bugs clustered on the mattress seen yet
    So, if i set the trap(i got a bed bug trap with decent reviews) now to see if they are gone, would that small number come and get trapped still? If itclear could I trust the results? How long should I leave the trap? Would it still work without me sleeping in the room?

    3. Again, the mattress is clean and the room is just about empty with a bed only left. What I am missing? What is the sign they are really gone. Only test will be me sleeping in the room??? T.T.
    Horrible bruises I got from the bites even though I didn’t scratch them at all so I am scared to crazy.

    What am I missing!

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