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A Continuation: Moving WithOUT Bed Bugs-- Is there hope for me?

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    Posted 7 months ago
    Sat Jul 7 2018 11:09:14

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    So I'm back here again. After 5 months, my landlord is finally getting our floor sprayed for bed bugs. I'm a little nervous because even though they mention IPM and everything they mentioned in the instructions sound right, they're coming to treat every room and closet in our apartment, had us get rid of anything we can part with, made us bag all of our clothes and launder them, and told us to freeze whatever can't be treated in the drier. They're even going to spray 3 times: one week after the first spraying and 2 weeks after the second. It sounds legit! But I think I'm just terrified that SOMETHING will have to go wrong because my luck has not been so good as of late.

    On top of this, it's almost settled now that I'm moving. Section 8 has declared my apartment uninhabitable and they're giving me a certificate to move in August.

    What I'm worried about is bringing bugs with me. I'm not as paranoid now but at the same time, what precautions should I take when moving?

    Do you think with the professionals coming in I won't have to be so hypervigilant about moving? The past 5 months my life has been ruined because of this and I just don't want to mess anything up. If I were to bring them with me somewhere and infest another place that would be too much.

    I already decided to steam the furniture that I have to take (I've got rid of anything fabric-y or just particularly difficult to rid bed bugs of). I'm placing personal items that can be freezed in airtight bags and tossing them in my chest freezer (temp is -10F in there) for the duration of the pest control treatment. I'm tossing the bedframe and the bed, I think it's just too risky to try.

    Will the sprays keep them out of my electronics? My laptop and TV are kinda close to my bed and while there's definitely better hiding spots I'm worried about those because those are hard to treat.

    I'm just sick of being paranoid, and I'm sick of being bit all over my body. I can't have my partner over and I can't tell him why. I can't undress in front of him because I'm covered in bites. If I wear short sleeves everyone asks what sort of rashes I have. It's humiliating and I just feel filthy and defeated.

    Do you think there's hope for me if I do my best with this all?

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