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9 Days and counting....

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    So it is definitely premature to consider ourselves in the clear. We still have a follow up treatment scheduled for next week, and are still living out of bags for a while longer, but I wanted to give an update on my story.

    I had been getting what I no realize were bites for about three weeks. I have a lot of skin allergies (to the "fragrances" used in detergents, hand soaps, etc), so I thought that these were another allergic reaction to something in my environment. Then one day changing the bedding, I found a recently fed nymph strolling across the mattress. Thank you to the people on this forum who confirmed that was what I had found. I immediately called my building manager and the landlord set up a PCO inspection. He also confirmed the bug I had found (now dead in a zip loc bag), and found one dead adult as well under the mattress.

    It took almost two weeks for the treatment to get schedule. The landlord had to inspect all abutting apartments as well, and found evidence in two others - one next to ours, and the one directly above it. It turns out both apartments had been aware and had been self treating without success. So in the end, my landlord was quite happy with us for reporting it before it had gotten even worse. Based on what they found in the other apartments, it started next to ours and migrated above them, and over to us.

    Due to the extent of the infestation next door, the PCO and landlord decided on heat treatment along with spraying (sorry I do not have the name of the chemical they sprayed - I just now that we were not allowed back in for 2 hours after the application was complete). The will be coming back to respray 14 days after the original treatment (next Monday).

    The PCO was very good. They answered all of my questions about prepping (my wife and I have a large vinyl record collection that had to be removed for the heat treatment as well as a lot of artwork). In addition to the three apartments that had the heat treatment, they also sprayed the base board in all abutting apartments that had no evidence of infestation (so like 9 apartments in total).

    So far so good. I am some on who reacts instantly to bites (after the initial nymph and before the treatment I managed to twice catch other nymphs who bit me while I was awake). I had been waking up with anywhere from 1-10 new bites a day leading up to the treatment, but not a single one since.

    I am still pretty paranoid about it all... Every time I have an itch, or I think I feel something crawling on me, I have moment of panic. Last week, I looked down while I was standing at a bug stop and almost had a heart attack when (what turned out to be) an ant was crawling on my shirt. And, while I know we still have a long way to go before we can say the treatment was successful, I am finally sleeping through the night and not waking up with fresh welts every morning.

    I will update again in the future either way. People getting into this need to hear the success stories as well as the horror stories.

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