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8 months later/friend visiting

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  1. bitethebullet

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sun Jul 22 2018 9:27:24

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    Hey all,

    Just a quick update because it seems not many people come back after they’ve rid their homes of these lovely critters. Back in October we brought home bed bugs after staying with someone who had a horrid infestation. Paid for the heat treatment in November and haven’t seen a single sign since. My anxiety has subsided and I rarely worry about it anymore until one of us travels.

    That brings me to my question! My best friend is flying in from Texas on Tuesday and while I’m super excited, she’s the first person to stay with us since that whole thing happened. I do not want to go through it again! As with a lot of people, my mental health suffered greatly.

    I’ve scanned the forum and can’t seem to find an answered topic on this. What can I have her do before she enters my apartment? I know bedbugs can hang out on planes and I want to make sure she doesn’t bring them into my home. (Our washer/drying is shared in the apartment basement downstairs) I was thinking of having her do a quick dryer cycle of her clothes and an inspection of her bag. Is that thorough enough?

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  2. Rick_C123

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Mon Dec 10 2018 15:49:21

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    Is this the friend whom you got the original BBs from?

    Even this is an old post. It's a good topic on "How to prevent visiting guests from bringing BB into your home."

    If you don't care what they think.

    - Get one of those hotel racks to put their luggage on top of.
    - Make sure the bed and other furniture has interceptors
    - Spray the perimeter of the room with an insecticide with residual kill ability
    - Dust under the bed with CimeXa
    - Wash everything after they leave. linens, drapes, etc.
    - Steam furniture and carpet after they leave
    - give the room another treatment of chemicals

    Anyone else have things to add?

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