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7 months of bites- multiple PCOs- detective needed! HELP!

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  1. LeaP

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    Posted 8 months ago
    Thu May 17 2018 5:30:10

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    I'll be brief as I hope to get insight-knowledge on our absurd situation:

    Last august, a brief BB episode after an AirBnB weekend, treated the following week, and followed by 2 K9 visits to confirm they were gone.
    Meanwhile, we moved to Brussels, new life, new place, new baby, all of it!
    During this whole time, never stoped receiving bites (I also had hives, but this is different- red welts with red pinpricks in the middle). Daily bites (3-4) since 7 months (some itch, others not, husband has them as well but less reactive).

    Not a single fecal trace, blood stain, shed skin, eggs...nothing!! We tried to check for fleas with traps (water-soap lights etc) but the bites are mainly upper boddy. We do have pigeons sometimes hanging near windows/balcony but no trace of a nest and we are on the 4th floor of a 6 floor building. Needless to say, there are no mice-rats, so it would seem to rule out bird/rat mites.

    We are now waiting for yet another PCO visit but I admit I am a bit desperate. Even if the cause came from neighbors from 3d or 5th floor, by now, the BB would have also settled a colony here right? So we would still be seing fecal stains?

    Any leads welcome!!!!

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