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6 months later. Success...?

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  1. AbbeyRoad0982

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Tue Feb 28 2012 2:01:08

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    This forum was a lifesaver this summer. Really. Nobody has any idea how stressful and alienating this is until they've personally experienced it, which I know is old news to anybody who is on here because of said personal experience -- but, you know. Everyone else thinks they can empathize

    Anyway. I think I'm in the clear these days. My summary goes like this: got increasing numbers of "mosquito bites" throughout July 2011. I didn't know that the person living across from me had an epidemic of over 200. I hadn't complained to my landlord, because it was the summer, I'd left a window open, and they looked like mosquito bites to me. I also had everybody and their mother tell me "Oh, if you had bed bugs, YOU'D KNOW." (Yeah, NOW I would.) A misunderstanding led to my apartment not being examined until a few weeks later, after I'd actually seen one, thought "Huh. I wonder what that weird brown bug is -- oh, (expletive stream)," and caught one for everybody to verify. And then, you know. It was stressful and I felt dirty and the laundry room became my social life and I packed almost everything away and thought I probably belonged in a leper colony.

    My landlord and Pioneer Pest Control (I'm in Portland) took care of my problem by steaming mattresses and furniture, using Diatomaceous Earth, and isolating my bed. I only received two bites after the treatments started (which was a vast improvement over the average of fourteen I'd been getting, nightly) and I saw my last bug on September 1st. I washed and dried and bagged everything, like you do, and lived out of bags and supposedly airtight bins for months. I didn't begin unpacking my things until about a week past the 60 day countdown. Pioneer was really great about following up, and as of a bonus check at the end of November (they'd been reported on a different floor, and so the company very nicely did a swing-by of my apartment to make sure I was still good) there were no signs.

    Right this second, I'm flipping out a little because I have an itchy spot on my neck. It may seem psychotic to log on here and read and post to calm myself down but, well, it helps to not think you're alone. And, truth be told, it didn't itch nearly so much until I started thinking about the whole experience and remember all those loads and loads of laundry...

    I react pretty badly, so if they ever do come back, at least I'll know right away.

    So any time you get to live without them is good time. I hope they never come back. I know that they can, particularly in an apartment building.

    I've been itchy lately, and freaking myself out about it, but I can also see my skin and see that there's nothing resembling a bite, particularly not in any sort of pattern, and it's possible that I could react differently than I did this past summer, but I don't know why.

    I probably just need to try and relax, use some Jergens, and be observant. Anyway. Hi to anyone who was here previously, I hope it's getting better if it isn't gone, and I just thought I'd chime in since I remember people saying before that it possibly seems worse than it is, because people are more likely to log on to say "They're back," as opposed to "I'm fine."

    I think I'm fine. Hoping. Really hoping.

    And I still totally have climb-ups on my bed.

    I plan on using them when I'm in a nursing home.

    I'm 29 now.

    I think of it as a lifetime partnership.

  2. BarelyLiving2

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Tue Feb 28 2012 6:53:58

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    Thanks for coming back to update us. Really helpful for lots of reasons.

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