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5 mos and no sign of BBs since throwing out bedding and changing bedrooms

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  1. NewHerecticalDawn

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    Posted 1 month ago
    Mon Sep 9 2019 7:42:29

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    So back in April I started getting bites. I'd had a bed bug infestation about 10 years previously, so I knew exactly what they were right away. My mattress was 10 years old and my old stinky pup had just passed away so I just threw out all my bedding and the bed frame and my couch and armchair for good measure. While I was disposing of the box spring, I was able to find the BB's hiding place and confirm the infestation.

    For years I'd been using a downstairs room as a bedroom because the stairs were too steep and narrow to fit my queen sized bed. I took this as an opportunity to buy a new rolled up foam mattress and a new bed frame and all new bedding. I set up my new bedroom upstairs and left the downstairs room mostly empty. I do walk through it all day to access the kitchen and stairs but other than that it's unused.

    In the 5 months since, there's been no sign of BB's. I have climb ups on my new bed frame and there's been no activity and no new bites. I treated my former bedroom downstairs with some diamataceous earth. and vacuumed thoroughly. Last night I meticulously used tape and a high powered hand held magnifying glass to look for signs of any remaining infestation. I didn't find anything. I'd like to start using the room again as a dining room/home office/guest room but I'm scared there's dormant bed bugs hiding somewhere that will wake up once the room is occupied again. Also, I don't want the items I put in the room to get infested.

    What should I do? I'm lucky enough to have gotten a recent financial windfall, so I'm open to spending more money now to give myself some peace of mind. Should I call a professional? Should I get an active C02 trap? Should I get a bed bug sniffing dog to come in? I think it is very possible that all of the BB's were thrown out with the mattress, bed frame, and bedding and that none remain. However, I want to be sure. Thanks for your help and suggestions!

  2. lalmaroad

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    Posted 1 month ago
    Mon Sep 9 2019 12:11:07

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    Do some research on packtite passive monitors by David Cain. I would install in any location you spend a lot of time stationary in.

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  3. Mawiwala

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    Posted 1 month ago
    Mon Sep 9 2019 14:59:43

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    I don‘t think there are any left. They would’ve scattered and wandering around (finding you) and it doesn’t sound like the room was sealed up.

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