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4 Chemical and 1 Heat and now... seeing Fecal spots?

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    Feeling desperate and hoping for some expert advice on how to proceed. We are now 3 weeks past our whole home heat treatment and our 4th chemical treatment and I am worried I found new fecal stains on our bed. Here is our story -

    We (Husband, Daughter and I) moved from a condo in the city to a SFH in the burbs on August 15th. (Two stories plus finished basement). We loaded all our belongings into a moving truck and unpacked within a week.

    My In-laws were staying with us during and after the move and my father in law was showing reactions skin to what he thought were some pretty big bites (but he also has shingles and we attributed the spots to that), we also started seeing blood spots on the bedding in our Master and guest room where the in-laws were sleeping) but thought maybe our cat had a paw injury. In hindsight, this was the beginning of the signs that something was wrong.

    On the morning of 9/6 we found a bed bug walking across the pillow in our master bedroom at 9am - in clear day light. (The bed frame, mattress, box spring and bedding in this room was only 2 weeks old as we got new furniture in the move) Later that evening we found many more (20+) bed bugs in the sectional sofa in our finished basement. This sofa had been stored in the shared basement of our condo in the city, and was surrounded by furniture belonging to other families - this was likely the main infestation and problem.

    9/12 We had our first inspection and whole home chemical treatment with a PCO that is highly recommended in our area, laundered and dried all clothing, linens on high heat, installed climb up and encasements to all mattresses. After the first treatment we hired people to come and carefully wrap, seal up, remove and properly dispose of the sofa and the wall to wall carpet in the basement.

    9/21 Found a live bug in the climb up in my daughters bedroom

    9/22 Had second whole home chemical treatment

    10/5 Had third whole home chemical treatment, thorough inspection and was given all clear.

    10/17 Woke up to a bloodstain on the blanket in our master bed. Exactly like the bloodstains we had when we recognized our issue and that look just like BB blood marks on this site. I freaked. My PCO does not do thermal. I contacted another highly recommended thermal company to complete a whole home treatment

    10/19-20 Whole home thermal treatment completed (including basement). Because our home is so big, they did it in stages over 2 days. I had concerns about this, but was assured they do this all the time with a very high success rate. They also came recommended to me by other professionals in the field so I trusted their approach. Chemicals were applied upon completion of the heat treatment.

    10/24 - I had a fourth whole home chemical treatment from my original PCO. We were given the all clear again.

    Now, last Friday I found a tiny rusty spot on my pillow-case. Could have been fecal. I bought a BB Blue kit, and the test was negative.

    Yesterday 11/9 I found three more similar, very small rusty looking fecal spots on my husbands pillow and our blanket. Tested them with my BB Blue kit and sure enough - two of them turned blue and tested positive for BB. I've torn the room/bed apart, there are no other signs of anything. I called my heat guy and he said that Bed Bug Blue isn't accurate (I've read differently on this site) and to keep watching for better signs. I am 21 days into my 30 day guarantee with the heat company.

    So now what do I do? I feel like we have done everything we possibly can, I've been really aggressive in our treatments because I am trying to protect our brand new home and our 4 year old. This has been so depressing, stressful and expensive.

    I'd really like to get dogs in to inspect, but we have to wait 30 days after the last chemicals so I have about 10 more days before I can do that.

    What are the chances I got a false positive from the Bed Bug Blue?
    Should I proceed with re-heating which is a huge undertaking, or get another chemical treatment and restart the 30 day clock? Or do I wait and see for more evidence or for the dogs to inspect for me in 10 days.

    Please help & Thank you!

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