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3rd time with BBs, major depression, anxiety, OCD

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  1. momes

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Tue Jan 29 2019 9:08:56

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    We just discovered we have BBs. This is my 3rd time dealing with this, although I wonder if I ever truly got rid of them throughout all years and moving and treatment. The first time was maybe 2011. So I've been on and off dealing with this for 8 years. Fuck fuck fuck. This is my boyfriend's first time dealing with it and he is having a really hard time. We both have depression and anxiety. His anxiety is way worse than mine on a normal day and the past few days he has not been sleeping or talking. The last time I had them was 2 years ago and I fell into a major depression. I became obsessed with the idea that they were everywhere, all over the city. In fact, I just started a new job a few months ago where the public comes in regularly. I have been obsessed about BBs the entire time and here I am the one who has them again. Although they have an exterminator check their traps regularly ( i am skeptical about these traps) and we have a heat box so I can put items that go home with patrons in it when they return.

    I feel like I'm never going to get rid of them for good. I have spent so much money on them. The last time I even Vikane gassed my entire uhaul for 24 hours to move into a new apartment.

    I can't not take public transit to work (I just stand anyway)
    I can't quit my job because its the best paying job I've ever had and the reason I can afford an extensive heat treatment this time.
    We don't have a washer and dryer at home so can't do our laundry constantly.
    We have a cat, so can't put an encasement on the bed or put DE everywhere like I used to do. And I am worried that she would have them on her and get tangled in her fur.
    We continue to live in a city that has BBs on every block essentially, with all the houses connected.

    I feel like it is hopeless. I feel like I keep throwing my money away. I am nervous to spend so much on a heat treatment to only have to keep fighting this fight.

    I'm going to read all the success stories out there to stay hopeful but that doesn't work for my bf. He is just not doing well with this and that makes me so sad to see him like this. Ugh. Okay, I just need people to talk to and help me through it.

  2. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Tue Jan 29 2019 14:53:20

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    It can be tough to face if you don't address the cycle and see this as an issue that you need to invest in much in the same way that we must all invest in our mental healthy to keep healthy.

    In this case its more likely that you have come into repeat contact with a source of bedbugs rather than it "never having gone away", it may feel like that but its no how it works.

    Therefore part of the long term solution is to acknowledge these risks and to take steps to miminise them.

    Avoiding sitting on public transport is a good step, checking upon arrival home is another.

    Checking your work location and your own bed monthly also helps.

    However, like all issues that cause us anxiety and stress being clear about what you can and need to do is the essential secret sauce because it enables you to respond and not react.

    Yes it takes differing degrees of personal work and development with some people but its a journey many others have walked before.

    Hope that helps and please do yourself two favors:

    • Check out some of my relaxation and anxiety management resources for bedbugs
    • Read TbyPMR as a potential action plan for you

    Take care.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

    If you have found this information helpful please consider leaving feedback on social media via google+ or FaceBook or by like/loving the images.

    In accordance with the AUP and FTC (legal requirements) I openly disclose my vested interest in Passive Monitors as the inventor and patent holder. Since 2009 they have become an integral part in how we resolve bed bug infestations. I also have a professional relationship with PackTite in that they distribute my product under their own branding. I do not however receive any financial remuneration for any comments I make about products.
  3. momes

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Wed Jan 30 2019 9:09:09

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    Thank you!

    I do have ideas on repeated sources- my last job in a preschool where two separate coworkers had BBs and the admin did not have any monitors in place or exterminators come. And the other source is that i love the public library. I do work for the library now, but I think that I just need to not check out books anymore. And I did check that our monitors at work have lures in them and I've put one near my desk.

    I think that one of my biggest mistakes is that I did not use any monitors (other than checking my bed regularly) throughout the last few years. The thing is, we HAVE been checking our bed since I started my job and we don't see any bugs or fecal matter. I've learned my lesson and will always have lure monitors and passive monitors in place and even was looking up the monitors you made a few days ago (def interested!).

    Thanks for your reply!

  4. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Wed Jan 30 2019 13:39:24

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    Check the books before you check them out rather than loosing that connection with the printed page.

    Make sure the library has bags or boxes to isolate books found to have an issue on check in.

    Make sure the staff know to look for signs on returned books.

    If your data laws will allow use the data on loans to see who the common readers are to books with issues. I chuckle because many years ago I traced a domestic issue to another library user with the same taste in niche crime thrillers.

    The only lures I have found to be effective are the ones in the PackTite range, a few of the others based on pheromones have signal strength is just a little too high to start off with and I have observed a repulsion rather than attraction in smaller spaces.

    The key however is to stop the re-circulation around the library and back into the community, this also makes it less likely to be an issue at home for you and if you found my TbyPMR protocol you can see it could actually be part of the solution as well.

    Equally and to some extent most importantly you will hopefully see that knowledge is the weapon you seek and with a self confessed reading habit you should pick it up quickly. If it helps to imagine voices for us I find Gandolph the Great is perfect for Lou and I must confess to being something of the Victorian eccentric displaced in time. It will certainly take the edge of things and often with a smile we learn better.


  5. Leila

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Sun Feb 3 2019 2:12:50

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    Hi dont know if this helps but finding myself in same Situation.
    I ve decided that bedbugs WILL not ruin my life. As they have until failed vikane.
    My husband says ( it drives me nuts that he doesnt care about them)
    Somepoeple have cancer and die etc pp . There is so much more worse out there.
    From what i gather or with us it has been taking longer then expected and yep still bites.
    But the food news is:
    Hey you identified the problem - so your not going to wake up ever to a horror view of infested bed. Like people who dont realize they have them.
    There is stuff that works on them : steam de cimexa and washing and drying freezing so yes you do have weapons against them!
    You already have managed to kill them once!!
    Sofar we havent been able to rid them...
    so hey you know you can do it!!
    I m pretty down and ocd too right now
    BUT. I cant think of anything worse then telling myslef oh those moscitos in the winter and not knowing and then finding a bb mess under my Matress.
    So yes i guess knowing you have them is better then that.
    Knowing you already managed to fight them ? Hey ?! Thats awsome!
    For me right now i quit thinking that i could get rid of them fast.
    But its a positive that bites are slowing down becoming smaller and less frequent.
    If resigned myself to only treating my bed and clothes.
    Because our house is just to big. so yes they will go there and die in the d.e and cimexa.
    I prefer to battle on until its over then resign.
    so many people on here in the same boat so hey your not alone.
    At one point i wanted to set up a shrink weekly - but didnt want the addiction costs for that.
    When the bites stop for 6 months. I will go and see a shrink i guess - or go into sweet denial this ever happened.
    Anyhows i feel for you .
    Yes there is worse then bedbugs.
    Think about it.
    Dont let it ruin your life.

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