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30 Dayz! Could this be over?

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  1. Imoverit

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Mon Sep 19 2016 23:36:51

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    I think, (I hope) this is it! It all started at the beginning of July... I had heard there were bed bugs found on one of the floors in my building but not on mine which is 3 floors up of a 50 unit building. The management company said that I didn't need to worry because no one on my floor found anything and moreover the only neighbor that shares one wall with me, had his place inspected by the PCO that took care of the 2 units on the 2nd floor- was cleared of having bed bugs.

    First week into August, I was changing my sheets and noticed 4 bugs crawling around my bed (obviously disturbed from wherever they were hiding!) I immediately thought OMG! Those MUST be bed bugs!! Panicked, freaked, meltdown galore, I called management right away and they scheduled PCO to come out the following week. I was sent "prepping instructions" which I followed pretty loosely when I think back. PCO came that Monday... I had cleared my bedroom and bedding, but nothing major. I was told by PCO that it was a minor infestation and that I was clear.

    I put newly purchased bedding and stayed in the bedroom that night... 4 night later, I woke up with a bed bug in my EYELASHES!!! Ok that did it! Had major meltdown with PCO, he promised to come and spray something to tide me over until they could do the "real" treatment again - 14 days apart was the rule.

    This time I jumped on the TOTAL PREP MODE WAGON and decluttered, threw out, researched, washed/dried Hot/Hot, bagged, vacuumed, encased, set climb up thingies, read, cried a lot, got no sleep, learned more than I ever wanted to know about bed bugs... etc!

    PCO came out and did the 2nd treatment and he left me a note praising my prepping skills and that he'd be back one more time in 2 more weeks for 3rd follow up. Even though he said i was cleared said I could return to normal life and put my clothes away, I didn't. I know that it was the wrong thing to do but I stayed on my couch and kept all clothes in bags until he completed the 3rd and final treatment on Sept 7th. (I could not get that image and feeling of the bed bug in my eyelash!) I also was experiencing marks on my skin but could not see any evidence of Bed Bugs... I checked every day.

    My countdown started after the 2nd treatment for me and its been 30 days now. My hope is that I never have to go through this again AND, if it weren't for this site, and all you wonderful people who "get it", I would never have made it!!

    Fingers and toes are crossed... This weekend I will take clothes out of bags. I've been sleeping in my bed since 3rd treatment and no bites no evidence.

    It's still difficult for me to completely be at ease, but reading success stories really help! I like the thread about the guy who said that bed bugs are not a virus that can be carried through the air or by just touching something... that keeps me a little less OCD (lol))

    Thank you all for all you stories and for listening to me. I feel a real bond with everyone because of the experiences we've shared!!

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Tue Sep 20 2016 1:10:51

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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing your success story. I hope everything continues to go really well for you.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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