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3 unsuccessful treatments...what now?

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  1. tinyone

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    Posted 8 months ago
    Thu May 17 2018 7:19:31

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    I had 3 chemical treatments for what I was originally told was a "very minor infestation". I was bite free for 12 days which I know is early but I was starting to feel hopeful. Last night I got bit again!

    I live in an apartment complex so the PCO was not selected by me. My treatments were weekly which I know is not the recommended interval. I am aware of at least one other apartment that is/was infested and is many doors down from me. I am now worried they are not handling the treatment properly. My next door neighbor was just inspected for the first time recently even though management was aware of my infestion for a month prior.

    What should I do now? Do I call the local board of health? Hire my own PCO? Get a lawyer?

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