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3 Treatments, No signs, Bites Continue

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  1. ajm

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sat Oct 15 2011 21:40:17

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    I really would appreciate any advice people may have about my situation.

    In June my boyfriend moved into an apartment in NYC that was infested. A couple of weeks later I was eaten alive when I stayed over and I subsequently transferred them to my apartment. We went through the entire process of having the places treated, laundering in heat, spraying with alcohol, vacuuming, living out of bags etc. In August, we moved out of state and took every measure necessary not to take them with us.

    We brought no furniture and all my clothes and other possessions went with me to my parents house in Texas where I redid all of the laundry and visually inspected EVERYTHING. I didn't see anything and no bites occurred during the two weeks I was in Texas. My boyfriend did the same and had the same result. So I truly believe the NYC bugs were eliminated.

    Upon arriving in our new city, I had no bites for about two months. Recently, however, I started getting bites in rows of 3, 99% on the same spots on my thighs. I've had the new apartment sprayed by 2 different pest companies a total of 3 times, but they can find no "signs" and neither can I (and I've had them before so I know what to look for). Because of this, the pest company refuses to spray again. My boyfriend even stayed awake one night with the lights off to try to catch the bugs in the act and saw nothing. We've set up the dry ice traps and caught nothing. I've seen a dermatologist who confirmed that they are insect bites, but of course can't identify which kind of insect bit me. I'm getting very frustrated and tired of living like this and I just want to put this behind me. Any thoughts or ideas would GREATLY appreciated.

  2. OhNoes

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sat Oct 15 2011 22:31:24

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    Well, you could try a bedbug dog. If you are cleared, there is peace of mind . If you aren't, then you have evidence to use to treat again.

    As some of the experts say, bites are not evidence of anything other than you got bit. It is worth investigating further, but, if there is no evidence in the way of fecal spots, cast skins, live bugs, etc, then you are probably in the clear.

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