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2nd treatment: a rant

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  1. strezzedhaus

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Mon Jul 18 2016 23:09:34

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    our second treatment is on wednesday, now i just want to rewash a few things, take off the face plates, vacuum and mop.

    but, i only knew about it because i texted my apartment manager when the next treatment was going to be. they told me that pest control was coming out tomorrow, tuesday.
    that is very vague for someone such as myself and in this place--- they aren't very clear with responses, always cryptic, you must walk on eggshells with everything that is said.
    this was also confusing because tuesday is just the usual day where units are treated regularly for ants and spiders, not fumigated or heavily treated at all. it was last on a friday. our infestation was very small, caught early. we haven't seen or felt anything in over a week.

    i texted them, we called the office, no one answered us over the course of ten hours and a reasonable amount of attempts.

    i just called the company (luckily the guy left behind an envelope with that had their spare key in it last time with the company's name on it written casually!) and apparently our big treatment was going to be tomorrow. so thankful that the gentleman answered at nearly 11pm, and allowed us to reschedule for wednesday in the morning, so we could arrange our day and my husband to have the car since he's off that day. otherwise, we would have been billed for noncompliance when we hadn't known at all what was going to happen.
    i'm also terrified that the monsters are going everywhere else. i'd almost rather have all my creepy crawly buddies in here with us than in other units-- with the exception of the bad neighbors*.
    my elderly neighbor told and me she had some bites and showed me- three in a line-, and i noticed some bugs in the apartment next to hers when i was feeding her pets-- and she never has bugs, not even fleas.
    i help the elderly woman now and again, and noticed she had a lot of spiders. that's fine, but it didn't look like spider bites, or mosquito.

    and neither of us had been in their apartments in weeks, either.

    i don't want to hurt my lovely neighbors at all... i want them to do a full inspection and treat everyone

    *bad as in i've only heard them vacuum once in the six months they've been here. i really never saw a single roach or creepy crawly until they moved in.

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