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2.5 years - Sanity questionned and professional help required

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  1. NTMO1

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Wed Mar 22 2017 17:40:06

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    It is a long period of time so try to keep this as succinct and factual as possible…...

    •2.5 (09/2015) years ago exposed to Bed Bugs at partners (marks appearing the following day) - Laptop and luggage was exposed to infested room, transferred back into (for one evening) Parents property unaware of the problem, via my car.

    •Resolved with local professional on identification few days later (3 treatments including luggage and partners car)

    •Following day removed all items thoroughly inspected/heat treatment on clothes, threw away bags etc (which has continued since)

    •Skin continued to fell very itchy and unknown marks were appearing, irrelevant of where I stayed (travel a lot with work)

    •Had my car sprayed with insecticide (with no signs)

    •Moved house - Majority of furniture and belongings have been in storage for 8 months due to house renovation

    •Lived in temporary accommodation whilst building work being completed - minimal belongings - Still finding marks

    •Lived in house post building work but prior to completion - open floorboards - Still finding marks

    •Covered everywhere with diatomaceous earth (Have used for a while)

    •Completion of house renovation moved items back in - Threw anything away though may have been suspect, and what did come in has been inspected thoroughly

    •In new home - Still having random marks appear (mainly face - pillow line and hands), skin is not as itchy as it once was

    •Still no evidence of blood spots on bedding/furniture etc (all white) Full inspections regularly made and every fleck is inspected.

    •There are significant loose bits found on bed sheets.

    •Have multiple traps in rooms upstairs

    •Taped bottoms of beds - Very sticky double sided - Nothing Found

    •Tried numerous home made traps - Nothing ever found

    •Purchased microscope to inspect findings - Variable results, untrained eye, look like debris. Sent numerous samples off to entomologists including a dead bug of some sort, to which response was, “there were no bugs there” (Ultimately have lost faith here)

    •Traps have picking up small beetles which look as though they are either grain (sawtooth)/wood beetle (Small Red) I can cope with these, small red woodlouse spider (The house is 120 years old and previous owners did not care of damp, since rectified etc)

    •Last night 2.5 years on and only just about still sane, I have found a cast skin - size of pin-head or smaller and unable to identify it is a bug with the naked eye, however under the microscope is a shape of bed bug, clearly see long hairs(Bottom end)/horizontal lines, legs are wide at the top, head has become separated, unable to see hair length on head to distinguish difference between bat bug.

    •The trap it was found in, is placed by the brick vent to chimney breast - Found in spare room where no one has slept for 3 months. Sticky traps have been in situ since December, but checked on a regular basis, this evidence is a new addition.

    •Want to know are bat bugs or swift bugs common in the UK? Could these be a possibility? Or am just looking for something else and in denial, given everything else is not adding up? Hoping my worst fears are wrong.

    Most people reading this may think that I am crazy and I have had many conversations/visits with many PCO’s and the same outcome is……. you would know if you had bedbugs! However from reading on here, people living the nightmare this is not always the case and have read numerous stories of people finding positive outcomes after 12 months. (We are just coming up to 9 months in the house)

    I have been and seen a dermatologist who told me I had urticaria, however not really having any symptoms like this anymore - That may have been stress related at the time, when I was not coping with the situation as well as I am now. However dealing with this over this time is taking its toll and I really would welcome some advice.

    Have also monitored sign reaction for potential allergies to food/alcohol/environment - Waiting for skin prick tests, but no common factors here to note.

    Personally I want to heat treat the entire house, but keep being put off this method by people. This I feel is the only way I will end the saga.

    Please can anyone offer me some advice on where to turn as I feel as though I am going round in circles and my goodness is it dragging me down, really not sure how much longer can continue like this.

    Thank you for taking time!

    My marks are small red pin pricks and swell slightly, then disappear 12 -48 hours, varies from single to multiple. Initial bites were welts (This is the only time I experienced the severe reaction, possibly due to size of infestation)
    Have also noted carpet beetles in past and know my skin flairs to these, however not applicable in this property....all brand new carpets, no evidence.
    Brand new bedroom furniture and mattresses
    Feather pillows and duvet
    Spare room wooden frame, but not from infected property and every inch has been inspected with torch and magnifying glass - Other furniture covered in DE in every inch

  2. Livingagain

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Wed Mar 22 2017 20:56:59

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    You should post a picture (close up and focused) of the shed skin. And it's only been 1.5 years. Not that that makes a difference really, but, it's the accountant in me talking. It's unlikely that you could go this long without a big build up of the bugs, maybe you're keeping numbers low with the DE, but it still seems unlikely.

    But you should post a picture of the shed skin. There are good experts on here.

  3. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Wed Mar 22 2017 23:13:21

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    If you can't get a close up image of the shed skin, then you need to somehow get the sample to an expert. David Cain is in the U.K. and may be able to look at the sample.

    I agree with the previous poster that if you have bed bugs for 1.5 years, you should have a lot of them and see signs. I would take seriously the possibility of a dermatological issue. Note also that loose debris in beds isn't a sign of bed bugs (unless it's dead bugs or cast skins).

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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