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2 months - Not sure about BBs

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  1. Sleeplessinnyc86

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sat Nov 19 2011 9:58:25

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    I live in an old apartment building in NYC with one roomate, no plants or pets. Starting about 2 months ago i started getting bites on my leg here and there sometimes in a cluster of 2's and ones by themselves, only one with 3 together (I can send a picture). These bites feel like mosquitoes and look like them too. I immediately thought bedbugs and got new bites once or twice a week. After doing an inspection and not finding much i called a pest control company in to inspect and they didn't see any signs and said if I had bedbugs, I'd have some clues somewhere. Our building has no history of bedbugs ever, but I know a few people in my company at work who have had them, they do K-9 inspections often at work, but it's a big company. Keep in mind I have old cracked wood floors in my bedroom. (which since, I decided to fill a few big ones with wood glue but didnt do the best job) The specialist guys put down 3 sticky glue traps under my bed near corners and by the wheels. This was October 5th.

    Since then I caught a bunch of bugs (inspecting the traps everyday like a crazy person) but no bedbugs. I know this because last week I even sent the traps in question over to the PC specialists Labs Dept to find out it was bedbug negative. I've since bought new traps and still no bedbugs. I've bought expensive encasements for the mattress and box spring as well. 'Ive had the traps down just shy of 2 months now and have not caught a bedbug. Frustrated, I went to the dermatologist who confirmed it being bug bites. I also started sleeping covering my legs and feet, everything except for my arms and above my neckline. Ive started to get a rash on my legs, arms and chest but nothing severe and the dermatologist said not due to bugs, I self-diagnosed due to anxiety and maybe even heat rash? I have to question if the irritation is from the bugs though.

    I also want to add that my boyfriend stays over about once every 5 days or so. He didnt report anything until i did an inspection on him and found a bunch of pimple-like bites only on his butt. He normally gets butt-pimples like everyone else but these seemed more intense (darker than mine but smaller) and almost up to his lower back. His bites seem different than mine though and DO NOT itch. Some of them actually look like pimples with white coming out the middle. (sorry)

    I want to add that the occupants in the apartment above me recently had a leak and came down into my room a bit on the walls. One of the bugs recognized in the PC specialists labs department on the sticky traps was Psocids that normally come due to moisture and leaks. ( i thought maybe they were bedbug nymphs but was wrong) I know they dont bite but could we be getting bit by another bug that comes from moisture and leaks perhaps?

    Ive done a room search a few times and found nothing. I havent got a bite in a week, if i have bedbugs it doesnt seem severe just yet, but then again wouldn't I have atleast caught one by now since they tend to multiply with time? Could this be another bug bite like a mite of some sort?

    My roomate (whos not getting bit) and family think I'm going crazy, maybe i am but i still cant sleep either way and wake up many times in the night to turn the light on to see nothing (white sheets, no blood stains, etc)

    Any suggestions you can think of would help.

  2. buggyinsocal

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sat Nov 19 2011 12:18:42

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    It doesn't sound like bed bugs in your home.

    From your description of your boyfriend's skin condition, my first guess would be folliculitis. What you describe--small, pimple-like bites with white in the center--sounds exactly what my folliculitis looks like. Everybody is different, however. As a result, it's possible that your boyfriend has something else going on.

    Nothing you've described here screams bed bugs in your apartment to me.

    For what it's worth, my bed bug bites were intensely itchy. Everyone's reactions to bites vary, and peoples' responses may change over time, but I personally rank my bug bites on the following continuum from least itchy to most itchy:

    ants--fleas--mosquitos--deer flies--bed bugs

    An ant bite might sting for a second, but basically that's it. (Not fire ants, obviously. I'm talking about your basic little black ant like Argentine ant.

    Flea bites may itch a little. The itch for me is so mild that it's often only after I've scratched that I realize I've been bitten.

    Mosquito bites are intensely itchy. The itch, for me, is worst in the first few hours I noticed the bite. After about 12 hours, they itch less and will only annoy me if I accidentally scratch them.

    My bed bug bites never occurred in groups of two or three, despite the fact that I'd been feeding them for probably two months before I realized what was going on. (I thought fleas or mosquitos, and I assumed stress was making the itch worse.) They itched at least as intensely as mosquito bites did, if not more, but they stayed at that level of itch for several days.

    Now, like I said, everyone's responses are different.

    But it sounds like you don't have bed bugs in your apartment.

    If I were in your situation, here's what I'd do:

    *Consider using passive monitors (like the BB Alert Passive) on the sofa and beds in your place and your boyfriend's place.

    *Also look for carpet beetles. (Yes, you can have carpet beetles without having carpet. They're called that because they eat organic matter--which I guess maybe carpets used to be made out of? Actually, I don't know why they're called that. Just trust me that they're badly named.) Carpet beetles don't bite, but we do know that many people have skin that reacts to the hairs from the beetles' larvae by forming bite like responses that we mistake for bites (in other words, itchy raised welts.)

    *Rule out other pests that are commonly confused with bed bugs. Monitor for bed bugs. Doing those two things may help you get to the bottom of whatever is causing your bites.

  3. Sleeplessinnyc86

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sun Nov 20 2011 20:58:22

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    Thanks Buggyinsocal.

    I will look into getting the passive monitors for under the bed. Your words gave me the peace of mind I was looking for. Sometimes it's nice to get an outside perspective on a sitatuation you've been dealing with such as this one.

    I've seen a bunch of little buggy guys on the glue traps, so perhaps one of them is making my skin irratated and slightly itchy.

    I'll keep you posted on any news that might come along. It's been 8 days and nothing to report...probably a good thing.

    Thanks again.

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