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2 months, no jihadist bed bums (DIY)

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  1. PinochetsPilot

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Sun Jul 17 2016 17:43:39

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    My son brought home bed bugs from his school right before we were about to move. I already signed the lease and I knew we were going to bring the bugs with us. So I encased all the mattresses and trashed all pillows and comforters before the move, threw out my couches, chairs etc. I couldn't afford a pro to come and treat my home after we moved, so I went overboard and went kamikaze. I saturated everything from the walls to the carpet, including the bed frames and drawers (removed the drawers sprayed inside and sprayed the drawers them self.) I emptied the drawers of clothes (all clothes went in dryer then bagged up) and I DID NOT spray the mattresses. I also bagged up all my miscellaneous items and placed them outside so I could have free reign to spray. I basically had an empty house full of walls, carpet and wooden furniture.
    I did each treatment 2 weeks apart. First treatment was Tempo SC ultra, Second was Demand CS, Third was Phanton, and I used Bedlam between treatments. Here's the links to all the products I used:

    [admin note: links to products on Amazon deleted:]

    [Sleep Defense Encasements on Amazon]

    [Chapin sprayer]

    [Tempo insecticide]

    [Demand CS]

    [Phantom Insecticide]

    [Bedlam Plus]

    2 months no bites. The Demand and Phantom had the best impact imo. Good luck people

  2. BBNL

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Fri Oct 14 2016 17:13:14

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    I so wish we had this stuff in Europe!

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