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2 and half days after treatment and the chemicals won't dry

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  1. AgeanStable

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sun Feb 26 2017 3:46:08

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    The PCO came and sprayed an "Insect Growth Regulator" (didn't specify which one). When I re-entered after 5 hours it was like sniffing a rag soaked in turpentine. The metal bed frame was on its side and literally dripping with liquid chemicals. I opened all the windows (they only opened one) and let it air out for another day. After 30 hours of airing I checked again the metal bed frame was still dripping with the chemical juices. I turned it over and that toxic stuff dribbled on my hand! I knew this was bad so I wiped down the bed frame as best I could. That reduced the odor by about 50%, but the nasty smell remains. I don't want to sleep in this toxic fume cloud when I can't even be sure the chemicals have safely dried, there is probably still more liquid poison seeped into the joints of the bed frame where I couldn't wipe it!!!!!

    I know I need to be bait for this stupid @#@!@$I#$( treatment to work (spoilers: it won't work, google the studies on bed bugs and IGR), but I don't want to sleep in that bed when I can't even trust that the PCO did the treatment correctly and safely. 2 and half days with the windows open and it still smells like turpentine??? That doesn't feel right. I can't call the jerks until Monday so I have to choose between sleeping in a poison bug nest tonight or risking the hungry bugs wandering to other parts of the house. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO I HATE THIS SO DAMN MUCH

  2. Livingagain

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sun Feb 26 2017 7:44:56

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    I'm so sorry. That sucks.

    Yeah, IGR's are no beuno for bed bugs. Sorry.

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