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1st PCO Treatment

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  1. AbugMess

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Dec 6 2010 9:58:12

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    Okay everyone, 1st PCO treatment after 5 days & 4 nights of our own treatments.
    Our own treatments has resulted in us not being able to find evidence of the suckers, and not having any new bites from the suckers over the past 4 nights. Today was the first PCO treatment. I'm worried as heck. He didn't speak very good English, and we don't speak German very well. I couldn't tell exactly what he was using, I thought my husband said something like CO or CO2 or something like that. Does it sound familiar to anyone? They do not have the same chemicals here as they can use in the states for most things.
    Anyway, he sprayed all bedrooms. It was around the beds and furniture etc. He mentioned something to the fact that they have to com out to the poison? Does that sound right? He said he has to come and do a second treatment in about 14 days.
    We told him we were very concerned about our laundry room because we had put linens in there before we knew what whe had and he put some type of bomb in that room and said we cannot enter there for the next 6 hours. He said the treatments for the rest of the house were safe to be around.
    He did inspect areas of the house other than our room and said he cannot see evidence of them.
    I'm typing this here so that perhaps some ofyou professional bug type folk can let me know if what he is doing at least sounds about right?
    He did also say that getting rid of the furniture that we did was a good idea as well, so now I don't feel so bad.
    As one poster said in their post about how the bugs won't ruin her Christmas, they are just things after all!
    I'm saying my prayers tonight, and have my fingers crossed. Anyone have any thoughts about the PCO that came out and what I should be expecting next between treatments?

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