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14 days? 21 days? 55 days??

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Mon Jan 4 2016 19:17:04

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    No sign of bedbugs since the one we found December 21. PCO found nothing but sprayed once due to proof of one bug and (unverified) K9 alert, and will be coming back for "crack and crevice" and follow up inspection in a week. He told us we could stop living out of ziplocs and were fine to have our new couch delivered...but said to treat everything in a dryer then put back in drawers which is either counterproductive or he thinks we're in the clear and the dryer is just a precaution.

    I've seen mention here of "14 day countdown" but then found an older thread saying to keep everything bagged for 55 days. Which is it? I'm scared I'll miss the signs of one bug (especially in our crazy new couch with a pullout bed and a million hiding places... which is now where the old couch was...)

    I'm going to order some passive monitors, but how long should I watch them before I banish the ziplocs to storing things in case this ever happens again?

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Mon Jan 4 2016 23:18:27

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    The "55 day rule" was, I believe, first mentioned by Rick Cooper and AFAIK it dates from a time when the available bed bug monitors were glue traps for mice (i.e. not very effective). I do not know what he is saying these days, but I suspect it may have changed.

    Bed bug bites aren't reliable indicators, so the main evidence of a continued problem back then was seeing a live bed bug or detecting new fecal stains on surfaces.

    The same evidence holds today but I think that if you're using good monitors, you may not have to wait so long.

    Jim Danca seems to be the main current proponent here of the "14 day idea" and as Killer Queen I believe recently noted, while there will be new fecal stains in 14 days if you still have bed bugs, but it's not necessarily as easy for non-pros to find such evidence or changes to it. (And of course, not all pros will do this well either. YMMV.)

    I believe David Cain claimed his (Packtite Passive/BBAlert Passive) monitors would show evidence within 14 days. The idea there is the bed bugs move into the monitor and stain the outside, making detection easier.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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