signs and symptoms of bed bugs

Reader Question: is it a bed bug? If so, what to do?

June 25, 2007

A reader, “Waiting in Manhattan,” got in touch with me via email today. She found the insect below wandering around the living room in broad daylight, and she’s waiting to have it inspected by a pest control company tomorrow. This is pretty clearly a photo of a bed bug. My question is: is there anything […]

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Amanda at, part 5

June 20, 2007

Amanda had her first bed bug treatment Monday, as reported in Tuesday’s update: Amanda didn’t sleep at home last night. The exterminator finally arrived (scheduled for noon, came at 5pm) and the work began in earnest. Before he arrived, however, she got a chance to visit her neighbor’s apartment, the one that shares a sheet […]

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CBS 3 (Philadelphia) has video of Cooper’s new bed bug dog

June 20, 2007

Click to see beagle Brody, of Cooper Pest Solutions in New Jersey, and trainer Jeff White, at work.

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World exclusive: Bitten by bed bugs on purpose! (Part 3)

April 20, 2007

Editor’s note from Nobugsonme: As promised, the much-anticipated third part of S’s and G’s Bitefest 2007. You can click on any of the photos to open the photo on, then click “all sizes” to see it at its largest. If you missed part one, it’s here. Part two is here. We promise to keep […]

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World exclusive: bitten by bed bugs on purpose! (Part 2)

April 19, 2007

Editor’s note: this is Part 2 in a series of two three. If you have not read yesterday’s Part 1, you’ll want to read it first. What We Learned, So Far (Day 2) by S George did not react immediately, and still has not reacted. It’s now the next day. So we now know that […]

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World exclusive: bitten by bed bugs on purpose (part 1)

April 18, 2007

Editor’s note from Nobugsonme: this is an exciting story. I must confess, I thought S and G were mad when they decided to beg their PCO/entomologist friend to let them be bitten by bed bugs. He must have too: he made them sign a waiver, but he let them experiment. I am really amazed at […]

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NYC Bedbuggers: time to have some local politicians over for a bite or two

April 2, 2007

We’re now officially told that: Reports of the nasty critters skyrocketed from 34 cases at 24 public schools in October and November to 72 cases at 43 schools in January and February, according to the Department of Education. And despite the surge in the creepy-crawlers, the school system continues to resist calls to inform all […]

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FAQ: Is there an insect that will eat bed bugs?

March 19, 2007

This is a less-frequently asked question than some, but it comes up surprisingly often. Today someone googled into the site via the query “what eats bed bugs?” Put it out of your head! Um, yes, some insects will eat bed bugs, but it really isn’t a good treatment plan. House centipedes have been known to […]

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handy tip: bed bug feces identification

March 17, 2007

Goodness, what a day. Bed Bug Helloise would share this, but she blushes and becomes speechless when poop is under discussion. She’s a funny old thing. Tip from a reader, who heard it from Lou Sorkin: try dabbing a bit of hydrogen peroxide (rather than water) on those little black specks you find in your […]

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Lingering sensations, phantom bed bug bites: what does a bed bug infestation really do to our skin?

March 16, 2007

Disclaimer: This post is speculative: I don’t understand this phenomenon, or what causes it, but I thought we should talk about it anyway. Having read some pretty weird stuff on the web about bed bugs and other pests, I want to assure you that we Bedbuggers are scientifically-minded. With that in mind, the following describes […]

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Good news: bed bug aggregation pheromones

March 15, 2007

A pest control professional confirmed for us today the reports Parakeets heard about bed bug aggregation pheromones being developed. We’re told that within 2-3 months, assuming the red tape is cut swiftly enough, glue traps should be available for sale which use bed bug aggregation pheromones to attract bed bugs to aggregate there. This is […]

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new, good Bed bug videos

February 20, 2007

Bed bugs on the BBC News, a short segment, via YouTube. The PCO on this interview blames the British origins of bed bugs to hotels travelers used at the Sydney Olympic Games. Some of the footage is creepy, but the footage of cast off shells and droppings on the headboard are very informative. Originally aired […]

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