Bed bugs are a problem in Govanhill, Glasgow

January 26, 2015

Glasgow’s Evening Times reports that a woman was told by her doctor to flee her bed bug-infested rented flat in the city’s Govanhill neighborhood, and was as a result homeless due to bed bugs: The woman, who asked not to be named, was bitten from head to foot by the parasites and sought medical attention. Doctors […]

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Highlands bed bug and (no) breakfast: not so romantic

September 18, 2008

The Highland News reports a Scottish couple had a nasty bed bug encounter at an Inverness Bed and Breakfast: James and Natasha Hinchley were woken by the beasties sucking their blood. Mr Hinchley said: “It was like something out of a horror movie.” The couple, who live in Glencoe, had come to the Highland capital […]

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The Sun reports Edinburgh hotel guests “flee bed bug horror”

August 3, 2008

This article in The Sun (UK) tells the story of a party of guests that fled the Park House View Hotel in Edinburgh after being bitten by bed bugs in room 23. The report focuses on the “amusing” nature of the situation: Paula said: “I can laugh about it now but it was a dreadful […]

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Bed bugs on a “flotel” in the middle of the North Sea!

July 3, 2008

On May 30th, Aberdeen’s Press and Journal reported that offshore oil workers found bed bugs in their accommodations, which are floating right smack in the middle of the North Sea. (I missed blogging about this story at the time, but it is important enough to make be backtrack a bit.) Workers on the Safe Bristolia […]

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Bed bugs in Edinburgh, Scotland

November 16, 2007

From Musselburgh to Murrayfield, Leith to Morningside, Edinbugh is bed-bugging, accoding to this new article from the Scotsman. The article is a pretty standard “bed bugs are spreading in our area” story. However, the section entitled “The Facts” gives a hint of how far the news media has come as far as understanding bed bugs. […]

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News round-up: UK’s Daily Telegraph on bed bugs; Cincinnati’s finest are working to avoid bed bugs

October 9, 2007

Monday’s Daily Telegraph featured a long article on bed bugs in the UK. Overall it was a typical story of the spread of bed bugs in Britain, and coming as it does from a well-respected source, it is a good thing. I was, however, disappointed in some of the information provided. First, the journalist Judith […]

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Are you in the UK? Got bed bugs? Or have you had bed bugs?

October 5, 2007

Have you had bed bugs? If so, drop a comment on this New Statesman article (scroll down). They want to know if bed bugs actually exist over there. (Yanks, please do not comment! They know we have bed bugs.) Advice from private pest control experts, freely offered on the radio and in the national press, […]

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News of the World: New Bedbug Horror Facing England

September 30, 2007

News of the World covered bed bugs this week. The article comes under the banner “New Bedbug Horror Facing England,” and below a photo of a Titanic-like bed bug floating through a sea of white carpeting fibers: (Photo by News of the World) It is entitled, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers!” NOTW journalist Sophy Ridge […]

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Progress, sort of: Times on pestilence in the UK

September 8, 2007

Last week or so, I was complaining when the Times (UK, not New York) ran a story about how bed bugs are taking over Los Angeles. As if they were not also taking over the UK. This week, they’ve gone a step further, with Michele Kirsch’s three-page story on how Britain is “Infested” (not just […]

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