Gianaris’ Bedbug Legislation Passes

May 9, 2007

Great news, folks. I just received a press release from Assemblyman Gianaris’ office- thanks Maggie!- announcing the passage in the Assembly of the crucial and groundbreaking legislation that will require NYC schools to notify parents of bedbug infestations. The bill was introduced by Gianaris after the Department of Education’s Office of School Health refused to […]

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Snapshot: a few hours of Bedbugger.com visitors tells us something about the spread

April 16, 2007

You can click here to see a map of the last 90 or so visitors to the site. It will look different from what I describe below, because I am writing about what I saw there about 4-5 hours ago. Now it’s almost midnight in New York, and the Aussies are starting to surf in. […]

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More on the New York City schools and bed bugs

February 15, 2007

The New York Daily News had an update today on Bedbugs in Astoria, NYC schools and NYC schools in general. I guess the NYCDoE doesn’t read Bedbugger. Because we keep telling them that if you see bed bugs on a person or their stuff, it does not mean the bedbugs rode in off the street […]

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