Bed bugs in home for developmentally disabled in Ozone Park

April 30, 2010

The Queens Chronicle reports this week about a bed bug infestation affecting developmentally disabled residents and staff at a Center for Family Support home in Ozone Park, Queens.  The Chronicle tells the story of Kiasha Artis-Priester, who works in the residence, and says it has had bed bugs for six months. The direct care counselor […]

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Astoria fires caused by attempts to treat bed bugs with gasoline

December 21, 2009

The Queens Gazette reports that the NYC Fire Department has seen multiple incidents (in Astoria alone) of fires started after residents poured gasoline on mattresses to kill bed bugs. Some people with bed bugs even applied gasoline to themselves and their children. FDNY officials said several Astoria residents called 911 over the past few months […]

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Bad bed bug infestation (video)

December 20, 2009

Below is a video of a really badly infested bed frame in an Astoria house, courtesy of NY Pest Pro. Warning: not for anyone who currently has or suspects bed bugs, or who has nightmares about them. It’s pretty bad. Sometimes people who don’t know if they have bed bugs see something like this and […]

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Access-A-Ride offices in Long Island City infested with bed bugs

November 19, 2009

Access-a-Ride dispatchers in Long Island City say their Northern Blvd. bed bugs have been found in their office since the summer of 2008, and NYC Transit is only now taking action, The New York Daily News reports today.  (Access-a-Ride is a transportation van service for the disabled.) A bed bug sniffing dog team found bed […]

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Are bed bugs migrating from Queens to Nassau County?

March 19, 2009

In an article in Newsday last week, Dave Mejias (D-Farmingdale) was cited as saying bed bugs were migrating to Nassau County, Long Island from eastern Queens. On Long Island, infestations are increasing in Nassau County, officials said. The exact number of complaints logged by the county’s Health Department was unavailable. Bedbug calls are listed in […]

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King of Queens: “Buggie Nights” episode about bed bugs found!

October 30, 2008

bugbattler did us all a huge favor and found the episode of the King of Queens featuring a bed bug infestation. It came out in February of 2006 as hopelessnomo pointed out here. They get a lot of things wrong, as you might expect, but they also get quite a bit right. My favorite quote? […]

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How to spread bed bugs, in three easy steps!

August 14, 2008

Question: Do you live in Astoria, Queens and have bed bugs? Want to move out of your bed bug-infested apartment and avoid the hassle of destroying and tossing out your infested furniture and other items, including a futon and a captain’s bed, and stuffed animals? Want to expose lots of people and their neighbors, co-workers, […]

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Injured Queens woman was living in bed bug-infested room

June 3, 2008

Ann Kenny was lying immobilized on the floor of her room at the Baxter Hotel in Far Rockaway, Queens for nearly a week before being found and taken to get medical assistance. As if falling and not being found for nearly a week was not enough of a horror story, this news article in the […]

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New York City to get bed bug awareness campaign

January 15, 2008

Finally. The Daily News reports that New York City is going to get a bed bug education campaign. The article reports that there will be town hall meetings about bed bugs in Washington Heights (1/28), Astoria (2/5) and Bushwick (3/12). Housing officials will roll out the campaign with a town hall meeting Jan. 28 in […]

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Bed Bug Class in NYC: Weds., Nov. 14th

October 27, 2007

Information on an upcoming event that should be of interest to landlords, apartment managers, social workers, and PCOs: This course is ideal for pest control personnel, facility managers, building managers, tenant associations, social workers, or anyone concerned about bed bugs. Taught by industry professional and consultant Gil Bloom. Bloom is well-known in bed bug circles, […]

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And so, it gets worse: bed bugs on the move

June 7, 2007

A news round-up for today: This article in the Quad-Cities Online reported yesterday on bed bug infestations in a public housing complex in East Moline, Illinois. The reporter quotes one resident who has been battling bed bugs since fall. “I work too. My tax dollars are going to support places like this (government run low-income […]

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Nice one, Forest Hills Times-Ledger

May 18, 2007

Small, local newspapers sometimes know their stuff better than some of the larger papers. The Forest Hills Times-Ledger (in Forest Hills, which is a neighborhood in Queens, NYC) just covered the Gianaris bill, successful in the NYS legislature and headed for the NYS senate. But what caught my eye was this: The insect, which dwells […]

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