Allentown’s Hamilton Street Apartments infested with bed bugs

December 1, 2008

Residents of an Allentown apartment building are facing bed bugs, NBC 10 reports. These are government-subsidized apartments run by the Lehigh County Housing Authority. Residents are seeing bed bugs and some have had itchy bed bug bites for as long as five months.  Some tenants complained their units were not treated, others that the LCHA […]

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Large Philadelphia Seniors’ Apartment Building Gets Thermal Remediation for Bed Bugs

October 29, 2008

Action News 6 in Philadelphia reports that around a hundred senior citizens have been evacuated from the Coatsville Towers apartment building in downtown Philly because of a bed bug infestation. Every resident has been moved out — some to stay with relatives, and 23 more were evacuated to a Norrisville apartment building by their management […]

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Bed bugs at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania

September 22, 2008

Bed bug have been found at Wilkes University, according to student paper, the Wilkes Beacon. They’ve been treated by Terminex, and students living in the affected building and their parents have been notified: [Jeff] White [research entomologist for] says that one of the most effective treatments against bed bugs is education. Stanley says that […]

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Housing Authority vs. Bed Bugs

August 4, 2008

Some public housing authorities don’t seem to be tackling bed bugs as aggressively as they should. Many public housing agencies (like other landlords) only treat units as residents report them infested, neglecting to inspect adjacent attached units. It’s not surprising that many infestations continue a year or more after the initial treatment. Other public housing […]

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Bed bugs in Philadelphia’s Art Museum area high-rises

July 12, 2008

Jill Porter of the Philadelphia Daily News reports on bed bug infestations in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia. This time in Parkway House (and recently in Park Towne Place). Porter says one Parkway House tenant, Waide Hemphill, has had them twice since February (I assume this means they were eliminated for a time). He […]

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Bed bugs biting in Reading, Pennsylvania

June 26, 2008

NBC 4 in New York has a video of a story that originally aired in Reading: this landlord says his tenants in Reading, Pennsylvania are being bitten by bed bugs. Of course, bed bugs are everywhere; we know that. But word spreads slowly, article by article, city by city, town by town.

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Bed bugs in homeless shelters, casinos, hotels, apartments: Waynesboro, Atlantic City, Greenpoint, Toronto

November 23, 2007

Clip of the Day: | Public Health must declare bedbug war “The problem is spreading like flames all over town. Where are the people who will deal with this problem as if they were firefighters in front of a burning building?” Bedbuggers, Are you all reading Joe Fiorito’s articles in the Star? You really […]

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bed bug news for 2007-11-14

November 13, 2007 | Battling bedbugs is not easy: Joe Fiorito talks to Steve Floros of Toronto Community Housing: This is a public housing official: “We have a program of unit refurbishment. We’re spending $75 million over three years to upgrade kitchens and bathrooms; we want to seal every crack so there isn’t free ability of the […]

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Snapshot: a few hours of visitors tells us something about the spread

April 16, 2007

You can click here to see a map of the last 90 or so visitors to the site. It will look different from what I describe below, because I am writing about what I saw there about 4-5 hours ago. Now it’s almost midnight in New York, and the Aussies are starting to surf in. […]

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Shameful landlord AIMCO: biggest landlord in USA refuses to deal with bed bugs

February 13, 2007

This from the Philadelphia Daily News: Rental Giant Finally Goes After the Bugs. Wow. Denver-based Apartment Investment and Management Co., or AIMCO, is the largest landlord in the US, with 1,370 rental properties. Attorney Jeffrey Rudnick is representing six separate clients who were or are tenants of the building, and say they were blamed (individually) […]

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more from Pennsylvania

October 19, 2006

Pittsburgh is buggin’ today. Watching bedbug news segments and reading articles from around the country can sometimes feel a bit repetitive–same entomologists, same stock photos of bedbugs, stained mattresses, and so on. Offering a welcome respite from the same old bug photos, this video from KDKA news has Allegheny County Health Dept. entomologist Bill Todaro […]

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Bedbugger readers: multiplying faster than bedbugs?

October 18, 2006

Welcome to readers of Mentalfloss and the BedBugBlog! This blog is attracting an ever-increasing readership. We’ve only been going about two weeks, but every day more people find us; visits to the site increase by about 20% per day. I hope most of you are just curious, but I have a horrible feeling lots of […]

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