Out of the frying pan and into the fire

January 25, 2011

UPI reports that another person has set their home on fire by attempting to self-treat for bed bugs (with rubbing alcohol) while smoking. This time it happened in Mount Carmel, Ohio, in a rented home. Here’s a similar story from January 2009 (Cincinnati), and another from October 2009 (Hamilton County). Q: What do these cases […]

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Ohio Bed Bug Workgroup’s Final Report and Recommendations

January 6, 2011

The Ohio Bed Bug Workgroup, which was organized by the Ohio Department of Health and which first met in February, 2010, has released its final report (which you can view or download here, providing the Ohio Governor and General Assembly with a list of recommendations for fighting bed bugs in Ohio. Its key recommendations are […]

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Fume Cube offers low-cost on-site commodity fumigation, packaged with inspection and treatment

November 14, 2010

Traditionally, Vikane gas (sulfuryl fluoride) has been used in two ways in the war against bed bugs: to treat a full structure (from a single-family house to a massive hotel), or to treat belongings and furniture in an enclosed space, otherwise known as commodity fumigation. It can be used to treat all kinds of belongings […]

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Bed bug B.S. in the media, part I – Ohio’s secondhand stores

September 30, 2010

Though the media frenzy around bed bugs is conveying lots of good information, the bed bug B.S. is not any less prevalent than it used to be. First, let’s consider this NBC 4i report that explores the issue of bed bugs and secondhand merchandise in Ohio. (If embedded video does not play, click here to […]

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Bed bugs’ public health importance “as serious as sin,” says Dr. Susan Jones

September 3, 2010

The Toledo, Ohio Blade reported that Dr. Susan Jones, Ohio State University entomologist, gave a public talk about bed bugs Thursday, during which she told a crowd of around 100 people at the Toledo Botanical Garden that: “This is a pest of public health importance. Every public health department ought to be taking this as […]

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Bed bug meeting takes place between EPA, CDC, DoD and Ohio leaders

August 19, 2010

TIME has reported that state and municipal leaders from Ohio were to meet with the EPA yesterday (August 18th): Although the EPA rejected Ohio’s propoxur plea in June, the agency has scheduled an Aug. 18 meeting with state and municipal leaders to try to formulate an abatement strategy everyone can live with. Among the meeting’s […]

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EPA warns consumers with bed bugs to choose pesticides carefully and follow label instructions

August 10, 2010

The EPA issued a new Consumer Alert today about the proper and safe use of pesticides in treating bed bugs: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to alert consumers that there has been an increase of individuals or companies who offer to control bedbugs with unrealistic promises of effectiveness or low cost. This is […]

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New local page: Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Ohio

July 26, 2010

We have now begun creating local pages, a series of FAQs for people who live in a geographical area. The first covers Bed bugs in Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Ohio. Your helpful suggestions, questions, tips, and links, are welcomed in the comments of the individual articles. Thanks!

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Bed bugs cheer: Ohio’s propoxur exemption request denied

June 11, 2010

Darnit. The Environmental Protection Agency has unfortunately denied the State of Ohio’s emergency Section 18 label exemption request for propoxur. According to the EPA’s Notice of the request, the exemption would have allowed for three products containing propoxur to . . . be applied as a crack and crevice or spot treatment to indoor residential […]

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Bed bugs vs. Central Ohio

May 18, 2010

Bed bugs continue to gain ground in Central Ohio.  The Columbus Dispatch has a new story about the problem in the region. Though this is rare, the title of the article actually reflects the genuine health problems caused by bed bugs: “BEDBUG INFESTATIONS: Bloodsuckers inflict mental, physical harm.” This piece opens with the heartbreaking story […]

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Bed bug on Sardinia, Ohio second grader: child sent home, school “cleaned”

March 4, 2010

A bed bug was spotted on a second grade student at Sardinia Elementary School in Ohio. It’s a brand new school, and the school responded by sending the child home with information for her parents about what they needed to do. Officials then had the school “cleaned” thoroughly, removing carpets and steam-cleaning in classrooms. WKRC […]

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Bed bug killer: Ohio’s Propoxur Section 18 label exemption request

January 27, 2010

Brad Harbison has a new article in PCT Online with more background on Ohio’s EPA request for a Section 18 label exemption request for Propoxur, the process it went through, its current status (“wait and see”), and the prognosis for other states following suit, should it be successful. The change would allow Propoxur to be […]

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