Caveat dumpster! Do not take those Brooklyn sofas, Craigslist readers

May 5, 2009

Those Craigslist crazies are at it again, this time in Bushwick/East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Check this out: CURB ALERT: 2 nice couches (Bushwick/E. Williamsburg) Two very nice couches have been thrown out in front of 15 Thames St, in Bushwick/East Williamsburg. One is red velvet, the other is a floral pattern. They both have signs that […]

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The edge of your mattress will be loaded with bed bug eggs, or not

April 27, 2009

I think the news media should cover bed bugs more, not less. However, sometimes I am frustrated by the information readers are given. For example, a new article from KVAL in Eugene, Oregon states, A key place to look in your home is the edge of your mattress. “This will be the first place you […]

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Ripley’s Believe it or Not? Not.

December 29, 2008

This cartoon is said to have been run by Ripley’s Believe it or Not on January 21, 2001. You can see the image here, but the key point is the text: Once a bedbug bites a person it will not bite anyone else! This ensures that it is drinking from the same blood type! (The […]

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Why bed bugs are taking over Chicagoland

December 26, 2008

Well, perhaps that’s not fair. I am sure there are loads of reasons why bed bugs are spreading around Chicago. The lack of assistance from city agencies is only one contributing factor. Jessica of Chicago vs. Bed Bugs has a disturbing post today about what happens when you call 311 to report bed bugs in […]

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Waterbury, Connecticut: let’s try less shame, and better information about bed bugs

October 23, 2008

Channel 3 in Waterbury, Connecticut reported today, School: Boy Brought Bed Bugs to Class; Parents Urged to Check Children There’s a lot wrong in that statement alone, let alone the report that follows. First, check your children?!? Bed bugs do not live on children. They are not like lice. They may be carried briefly in […]

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How to spread bed bugs, in three easy steps!

August 14, 2008

Question: Do you live in Astoria, Queens and have bed bugs? Want to move out of your bed bug-infested apartment and avoid the hassle of destroying and tossing out your infested furniture and other items, including a futon and a captain’s bed, and stuffed animals? Want to expose lots of people and their neighbors, co-workers, […]

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This may be Leicestershire, but that is no bed bug

March 3, 2008

Apparently, many journalists still don’t bother to find out what bed bugs look like! As of writing (4 pm EST on 3/3/2008), this article from This is Leicestershire, which is obviously about bed bugs, contains a massive photo of a dust mite. No wonder the article’s commenters think bed bugs are not such a big […]

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Bed bugs from Saskatoon to Salt Lake City

January 29, 2008

Today, bed bug news from Saskatoon and Salt Lake City. First, an entire apartment building is being treated for bed bugs in the Fairhaven area of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan after “a couple isolated incidents” of bed bugs. This appears to be a fairly proactive move, if it is true that the incidents were isolated and few […]

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Happy New Year, from bed bug central

January 1, 2008

Toronto’s The Star included bed bugs in its “A Salute to 2007” (a round-up of significant events of the year”: Drugs poured into the city, guns poured into the city, bedbugs poured into the city: Snort, shoot and scratch. The Daily News article was picked up by everyone from The Register (an IT website), to […]

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Toronto Community Housing does good; Orlando, Florida tenants and Billings, Montana shelter guest demonstrate why more bed bug education is needed

December 11, 2007

TheStar.com | Joe Fiorito updates us on prior bed bug story “… when bedbugs spread to her apartment, and when the Toronto Community Housing Corporation could not respond to her complaints…, she booked a fumigator on her own and paid… to take care of the problem. She has now been reimbursed by TCHC.” This public […]

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Bed bugs in casino and senior apartments in New Jersey, Binghamton University (again) and another dust mite photo in the news

November 22, 2007

Uninvited roommates move in … and they bite Wesleyan Arms, a 60-unit senior apartment complex in Red Bank, NJ, has bed bugs. Monmouth County Health Officer Sidney B. Johnson said “bedbugs are not a health issue because they do not transmit disease but that the insects do qualify as pests.” (tags: monmouthcounty newjersey NJ sidneyBJohnson […]

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bed bugs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and at Cornell University dorms

November 17, 2007

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Online: Stealthy bedbugs pestering the weary Bed bugs in Milwaukee, WI. Mattress covers don’t need to be “airtight” and the best ones do let air circulate. Most do not smell “a musty, sweet odor like soda”. One landlord is letting tenants out of leases and paying for one treatment in new place. (tags: […]

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