Forget black mattress stains, bed bugs, shells, and eggs: NMPA press release tells consumers to look for “blood spots”

October 28, 2007

We Bedbuggers know that bed bugs can be very difficult to find, even for trained Pest Control Operators. Time and again, people with bites are told they do not have any “evidence.” Since other conditions and pests can cause similar symptoms, it is of course important that other “signs” are present–but too often, actual bed […]

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Reno; and New Haven: bed bugs cause unsuspecting officials to run around like confused flour beetles

July 20, 2007

In Reno, they have so few bed bug cases, that the health department called three residents of an apartment complex to tell them their building is infested. (New Yorkers, are you laughing?!) Unfortunately, as Geralda Miller of the Reno Gazette Journal reports, the advice being given to tenants is not great: “They’re an indoor critter,” […]

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Why Marcos Island is going to have even more bed bugs soon

March 22, 2007

I’ve heard reports from various areas that haven’t seen many cases of bed bugs yet that Pest Control Operators often don’t know how to deal with them. We’ve heard this from readers near Yellowstone Park, and in Yorkshire, England. It makes sense of course, but the reasonable response is to do your homework. When ceritifed […]

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Edgie in San Francisco

February 27, 2007

Reader Edgie wrote me an email which she asked me to post on the blog: I’m Edgie in San Francisco. I moved to this apartment last June and learned from a neighbor that there were bed bug problems. I didn’t know what a bedbug was, but quickly learned. I also started getting small bites pretty […]

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teaching doctors to diagnose bed bug bites

February 24, 2007

Many of us went to doctors (both internal medicine specialists and dermatologists) with our bed bug bites and were misdiagnosed. Some people are wrongly told they have scabies and treated for it (as I was, without the doctor having done a simple scraping to diagnose a scabies infestation.) People are sometimes even told they have […]

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updated FAQ

February 18, 2007

I just updated the most general FAQ: “What are bed bugs? How do I know if I have them? What else could be causing similar symptoms?” You may notice that I am beginning to remove the comment function from the FAQs, since people are overwhelmingly using them to post tales of bed bug woe and […]

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Blip.tv: Bed Bugs are not dust mites, or cute little kiddies

December 23, 2006

This guy is grossed out because he thinks “bed bugs” eat his dead skin cells and discarded hair. Alas, if only.

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Johns Hopkins suggests SCRATCH method for diagnosing insect bites in kids

December 20, 2006

The Johns Hopkins University Gazette (11 September 2006) reports that the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center has come up with a helpful acronym for doctors in diagnosing the source of childrens’ rashes. It highlights features of bed bug bites and other conditions, which many of us adults who suffer from bed bug bites have also encountered. […]

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Bed bugs. Are. Not. Dust Mites.

December 4, 2006

Oy, Bradenton / Sarasota / Manatee Florida: Bradenton Herald business reporter Robin Roger is steering you wrong. The article “Mattress sweeper prevents the bed bugs’ bite” is about dust mites. Back in August, there was a local station which covered the NYC City Council hearing on bed bugs and used a photo of a dust […]

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What are bedbugs, how do I know if I have them, other possible causes

November 30, 2006

The FAQ on this issue has just been updated (including links to info on other possible causes– bird mites, scabies, hot tub folliculitis, and delusory parasitosis). Click here to see it! Coming soon: shed skin and feces photos, thanks to Lou Sorkin!

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Bedbugs called “a new kind of roach”; building managment lies

November 4, 2006

A friend of mine recently said she was told that her building was being treated for “a new kind of roach.” Then she described the treatment–all the tenants would have to put all their things in plastic bags in the center of the room, the treatment was going to be done 3 times over a […]

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FAQ: Are bedbugs a health issue?

October 18, 2006

At bedbugger, we love, love, love articles that claim bedbugs are a nuisance, but not really a health issue (not right now, anyway). Not a health issue? Is anxiety a health issue? Loss of sleep? Allergic reactions (not common, but I have one)? Road rage? Air rage? Going postal? Wait until we start seeing cases […]

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