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Why building managers must notify residents that their building has bed bugs

December 11, 2008

A news story from WBNS in Columbus demonstrates why that city needs better bed bug policies. First, consider how bed bugs spread amongst neighbors at Bollinger Towers, 750 N. High Street: Charlotte Hyajneh-Simpson thought she was lucky when her neighbor gave her his new carpet sweeper to keep. “I started using the sweeper and then […]

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Status of New Jersey bed bug extermination bill A3203: so far so good

December 9, 2008

We now have a status update on the bill in the New Jersey Assembly which would make landlords entirely responsible for eradicating bed bugs in rental properties. According to, The Assembly Housing and Local Government Committee released the measure 5- 0 with one abstention. It now heads to the Assembly Speaker, who decides if […]

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Toronto landlord fights bed bugs, stays friends with tenants

November 26, 2008

Joe Fiorito has a great story today in The Star about a landlord (David Brown) and his super (Eric Marshall) and their battle with bed bugs, which started when Eric inspected a unit where the “walls were black and moving” with bed bugs (shudder): David said, “We found bedbugs in two units; this one, and […]

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Jacksonville, Florida story: fighting bed bugs without a PCO

November 18, 2008

In some places, landlords don’t have to provide bed bug treatment. According to this site, Florida isn’t one of them. The site notes, General Landlord Duties Landlords are required to deliver possession of the rental property to the renter when the lease period begins. Failure to do so may entitle the renter to sue for […]

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Bed Bug Monday in Toronto: Joe Fiorito weighs in

November 17, 2008

In advance of today’s Bed Bug Project Update in Toronto, Joe Fiorito, the Toronto Star journalist who I am quite sure has written about bed bugs more than anyone else in the mainstream media, anywhere, weighs in. His questions and comments give a sense of how complicated a matter it is to solve a city’s […]

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Miranda’s story: a visit from the PCO for bed bugs, part 2

October 7, 2008

Editor’s note: Miranda sent us an update today. You can read the first part of her story here. When we last heard from Miranda, a PCO tech (called Ariel) had promised her a second, thorough, bed bug treatment from her original tech (Caliban) in her apartment in a multi-unit building. Rated PG [language] ————————– Miranda’s […]

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Bed bug lawsuits, and: bed bugs in another NYC Housing Court?

September 26, 2008

The Sun reports that the Livingston Street Housing Court in Brooklyn is rumored to have had bed bugs. This is months after a story circulated about a prior alleged infestation at the 111 Centre Street Housing Court in Manhattan. Back in April, the city held bed bug information seminars at six NYC Housing Courts in […]

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Bella Vista residents in New Haven are getting bed bug k9 inspections

September 17, 2008

Remember the Bella Vista in New Haven? That was the complex where low-income, elderly and disabled residents found out their building had bed bugs by watching the news. Now Radar of Advanced K-9 Detectives is searching for bed bugs with his beagle nose. Watch this clip from News 8 in New Haven. Carl Massicott of […]

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Bed bug bill in New Jersey General Assembly: A-3203

September 17, 2008

New Jersey Assembly members Joan M. Quigley, L. Grace Spencer, and L. Harvey Smith introduced legislation (A-3203) on Monday which would make New Jersey landlords wholly responsible for eliminating bed bugs from rented accommodation. The bill has been referred to the Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee for a hearing. Here’s a video of Joan […]

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More Toronto bed bug stories from Joe Fiorito

September 15, 2008

Our favorite Canadian journalist is back on the bed bug trail. In this article, he shares the story of Marg, a single mother battling bed bugs and the ensuing mountains of laundry. She’s killed three vacuums since January. She said, “It started in January of ’08. I’d fall asleep on the couch and wake up […]

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Jersey City legislators push to make landlords pay for some bed bug treatments

September 12, 2008

State Senators and Hudson County Democratic Assembly Members were already working on changing the laws in New Jersey so that landlords could not pass on bed bug extermination costs to tenants. Now Jersey City politicians are trying to make the same change on the city level, ASAP. The Jersey Journal reported Wednesday via The […]

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Residents at the Bella Vista apartments learn their building has bed bugs by watching the news

September 4, 2008

News Channel 8 in New Haven claims that after they aired a story on bed bugs in the Bella Vista apartments in Elm City, lots of people came forward to tell management they had the problem too: News Channel 8 showed you the critters up close, then management was flooded with complaints. Bella Vista is […]

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