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A new graphic-novel style tale of bed bug woe, from Jersey City Stringer

August 6, 2010

Here’s the story of a family’s battle against bed bugs, beautifully told in the graphic-novel style, in multiple installments. The artist (a reader of this site), is Jersey City Stringer, who battled bed bugs for six months with her husband in their Jersey City home.  The bed bugs were discovered while the artist was eight […]

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Goldman Sachs Jersey City offices treated for bed bugs

June 15, 2010

ABC reports that last month, multiple floors of Goldman Sachs Tower in Jersey City, New Jersey have been inspected and treated for bed bugs. Employees who work in Goldman’s Jersey City, N.J., office tower have been moved from certain floors and ordered out of the building at times because exterminators have been in checking and […]

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Jersey City hotel closed due to fire safety and bed bug violations

October 2, 2008

The Jersey Journal reports that the Starlite Motel on Tonnelle Avenue near Fifth Street in Jersey City was closed by Jersey City inspectors yesterday “due to bedbug infestation and fire code violations.” “In this case, the motel in question had numerous fire violations and was infested with bedbugs, which placed their guests at a great […]

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Jersey City legislators push to make landlords pay for some bed bug treatments

September 12, 2008

State Senators and Hudson County Democratic Assembly Members were already working on changing the laws in New Jersey so that landlords could not pass on bed bug extermination costs to tenants. Now Jersey City politicians are trying to make the same change on the city level, ASAP. The Jersey Journal reported Wednesday via The […]

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Jersey City Fire Dept. sets up “decontamination tent” outside building with bed bugs

July 31, 2008

I really don’t know what to make of this article in Tuesday’s Jersey Journal. Some Hudson County Sheriff’s officers were answering a domestic violence call in Jersey City, and encountered bed bugs in the home. (The article claims the officers were bitten by bed bugs upon entering the home.) What happens next is quite astonishing: […]

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New Jersey legislators pushing to make landlords pay for bed bug treatment

July 30, 2008

As we’ve noted recently, New Jersey’s Warranty of Habitability laws currently state that landlords of buildings with three or more apartments have to pay for their tenants’ bed bug treatment. But the laws don’t prohibit landlords from passing on the costs to tenants. The real problem with this is that it means some folks may […]

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New Jersey’s laws designed to spread bed bugs in rental housing

July 2, 2008

Many local laws make it easier for bed bugs to spread, and New Jersey’s laws are among them. As noted on our FAQ about who pays for treatment, the New Jersey Warranty of Habitability says landlords have to keep rental apartments pest-free. However, things can be a bit more complicated than that. Although the law […]

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2 workers claim they were punished for asking about bed bugs at work

February 12, 2008

The Jersey Journal reports (via that Renée Meyers and Gail Krone, who work as cleaners at the County Administration Building on Newark Avenue in Jersey City, New Jersey, asked a supervisor about whether there were bed bugs in the holding cells: “All we wanted was someone to tell whether the holding cells in the […]

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Another Jersey building goes whole hog for Vikane; but will they follow up with the necessary preventative education?

May 22, 2007

This article from Monday’s Jersey Journal describes yet another infested NJ apartment building (277 Bergen Ave. in Jersey City) that is going to tent and Vikane the whole structure, even though (as management remind the Journal’s readership) only some of the 44 units are infested. Smart move. Would you really want to wait until all […]

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