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NYC Bed Bug Task Force / City Council Update

February 8, 2007

The reader known as Wantmyskinback has an update on what’s happening vis a vis the NYC bed bug situation, via his/her city council member’s office. The NY City Council Hearing on Bed Bugs was back in September 2006, and there has been no report of a follow-up in the media since then. (NYTimes subscribers and […]

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Reader question: How to move and leave bed bugs behind?

February 7, 2007

Editor’s note: This was left in another thread, but I think it warrants a specific discussion of something that is coming up again and again: how to move when you have bed bugs. Relevant also: should you? We have some success stories: WindyCityMike’s and ABigFatWasteofTime’s. They took extremely different routes: Mike moved while treatment appeared […]

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Brooklyn tenant not warned of bed bugs before moving in

January 28, 2007

by Nobugsonme This story is happening every day, unfortunately. This blogger, eefers, actually asked the previous tenant specifically whether the unit had bed bugs before moving in. He said, “Nope.” Now, now, he admits they had had them three separate times “and got rid of them each time”. I don’t know what kind of time […]

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Share your Tales of Bed Bug Woe

January 24, 2007

Tales of Bed Bug Woe is a weekly (-ish) feature here at Bedbugger. A thread with this name will pop up regularly, so we can continue to help Bedbuggers battle their bed bugs without doing so in multiple threads. This way, you can use the comments on other recent posts to comment on those posts. […]

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Guest post: Can information spread faster than bed bugs?

January 23, 2007

Editor’s note: Geof Day wrote this excellent post on the Bedbugger Yahoo group, and I asked his permission to post it here. Geof makes some wonderful points about spreading information about bed bugs and the damage they can do– something we all need to think about if we want this problem to get wider attention, […]

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Boston and bed bugs: Mayor Bloomberg in NYC could learn a thing or two

January 8, 2007

This is what Boston is doing about bed bugs: Apparently there’s a division of the Boston Housing Dept. Inspectional Services (ISD) that inspects housing for bed bugs. Click the following link to load a PDF of their Bed Bug Advisory Sheet, which says briefly what bed bugs are, and notes that landlords are responsible for […]

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dealing with post-bedbug paranoia: how to travel after bed bugs

January 5, 2007

I mentioned Windy City Mike recently as a “success story,” since he’s been bed bug free for some time, and even moved successfully without his bugs. His bed bug stories are very informative and well-written. Mike contacted me today with a question he’d like me to pose on the blog. It’s a really good question. […]

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Son of “Share your tales of Bed Bug Woe” and success stories

January 3, 2007

(Updated 1/10/2007): BuggedinBrooklyn requested a place to tell your personal stories of ongoing battles with bed bugs. These stories began here. They continued below. And there are yet more. To read the latest tale of bed bug woe, start with the one on the top of this page. Comments below are disabled so we won’t […]

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Johns Hopkins suggests SCRATCH method for diagnosing insect bites in kids

December 20, 2006

The Johns Hopkins University Gazette (11 September 2006) reports that the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center has come up with a helpful acronym for doctors in diagnosing the source of childrens’ rashes. It highlights features of bed bug bites and other conditions, which many of us adults who suffer from bed bug bites have also encountered. […]

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How the US Armed Forces fight the bed bug war

December 13, 2006

U.S. Armed Forces Pest Management Guide to Bed Bugs. Very informative. Authored by Harold Harlan.

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Case study: bed bugs survived dry cleaning… and resurfaced 6 months later (update)

December 8, 2006

Most of you probably remember the message from S. last week– the woman who had bed bugs earlier in the year. The letter she wrote me, and which I posted as a blog item, has now attracted more comments than any other post here. She’s still working through the infestation, and your suggestions are welcomed. […]

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Russian, Chinese, Spanish fact sheets

December 8, 2006

Fact sheets in additional languages are now available from the Boston Public Health Dept. (in the “fact sheets” links to the left). Each of these links downloads a PDF: Chinese Russian Spanish; this supplements the resources already posted about in Spanish. Again, Boston is much further along with addressing their bedbug epidemic than NYC and […]

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