Rockford, IL: half of Red Roof Inn shut down due to bed bugs

October 23, 2007

According to the Rockford Register Star, the Winnebago County Health Department in Rockford, Illinois shut down 56 of 108 rooms in a Red Roof Inn in Rockford, due to bed bugs. The Health Department came to inspect after a customer collected samples of bed bugs from the bed in a room he stayed in: Health […]

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More from Cincinnati: senior housing complex

October 5, 2007

According to Channel 12 WKRC in Cincinnati (doesn’t Howard Hesseman work there?), residents at the Hillrise Apartment building, which is owned by Cincinnati Business & Professional Women’s Retirement Living Incorporated, are suffering from various issues including bed bugs. Calvin Merritt’s problems at Hillrise Apartments are pretty simple. “Mostly bugs, roaches and all that…” The “all […]

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Good news, Chicagoland: you might have itch mites

August 15, 2007

Good news for some “newbites” in Chicago. If you suspect bed bugs, but have no evidence yet, and you’ve been spending time in area forest preserves, you may have itch mites. No, they’re no picnic, of course, but they would be a darn sight better experience than bed bugs. There’s currently an outbreak there, and […]

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Flea market nightstand: $10. Bed bug treatment: $3000. No more bed bugs: priceless.

August 1, 2007

CBS2 news in Chicago reports that a family in St. Charles, Illinois, believes they got bed bugs from a $10 flea market nightstand. First the little girl, then mom Amanda Thor and the baby were all bitten by bed bugs. (Click on the top right to view the video.) Less than a week after the […]

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Thermal treatment for bed bugs: bake the little B@#$%^&s!

July 29, 2007

Remember this Pest Control Technology Online article from January, which we blogged a few months ago? You may recall how Dr. Michael Potter comments on thermal treatments for bed bugs: STRUCTURAL HEATING. Elevating the temperature within buildings has been used to eradicate pests ranging from grain insects to termites. Structural and containerized heat treatments are […]

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And so, it gets worse: bed bugs on the move

June 7, 2007

A news round-up for today: This article in the Quad-Cities Online reported yesterday on bed bug infestations in a public housing complex in East Moline, Illinois. The reporter quotes one resident who has been battling bed bugs since fall. “I work too. My tax dollars are going to support places like this (government run low-income […]

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Escaping tenants leaving crumbs, marking the bed bug trail

April 26, 2007

Here in NYC, many tenants won’t call 311, the city hotline, to report bed bugs, no matter how bad they get or how poorly the landlord is dealing with the situation. Elsewhere, people report fear of reporting their bed bug problems to building inspectors or public health, even though in most localities, landlords are responsible […]

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Snapshot: a few hours of visitors tells us something about the spread

April 16, 2007

You can click here to see a map of the last 90 or so visitors to the site. It will look different from what I describe below, because I am writing about what I saw there about 4-5 hours ago. Now it’s almost midnight in New York, and the Aussies are starting to surf in. […]

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Another suit at Presidential Towers: this one focuses on landlord’s non-disclosure of neighbor’s bed bugs

March 10, 2007

A fourth person is suing Presidential Towers in Chicago: this time, on the grounds that Presidential Towers knew the neighbors had bugs, did not tell the tenant, who then got them. This issue is relevant to all tenants with bed bugs. If landlords had to tell neighbors when one tenant had bed bugs, it might […]

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Presidential Towers sold, with free bed bugs!

March 6, 2007

Chicago’s Presidential Towers has been sold for $470 million. This announcement comes only days after the 3 tenants filed a lawsuit against the building, which has four 49-story buildings, and 2,300 residences. Presidential Towers sold for $20 million more than experts expected; I wonder if homeowners with bed bugs can expect the same value-enhanced effects […]

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bed bugs and thrift stores

November 13, 2006

Here’s an old thread (April 2004) in a forum for people who frequent thrift stores, started by someone who thinks she saw bed bugs in two Manhattan thrift shops, during a short span of time: Twice recently while I have been thrifting in NYC, once on 23rd Street and once on lower 2nd Avenue, I […]

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Alton, Illinois, motel: blaming the bedbug victim

October 30, 2006

This story from a local paper reports on a woman from Texas who was plagued by bed bugs in a motel in Alton, Illinois. This is a story that follows a familiar plot-line. Some of it is quoted below, with commentary. First, the woman, badly bitten, showed the bugs to a motel manager whose exterminator […]

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