Bed bugs hit The Onion again

June 19, 2011

The Onion’s slacker commentator Jim Anchower described his bout with bed bugs last week in I Had Bedbugs, But They’re All Cleared Up Now. Anchower claims he got bed bugs from a sofa he found on a curb.  He tosses out all his stuff, but finds the silver lining. The good thing is that I had […]

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Bed bugs on SNL’s “Bronx Beat”

September 30, 2010

The topic of bed bugs featured in SNL’s Bronx Beat sketch last weekend: (If the embed does not work, view on NBC’s site.) My favorite line is when Amy Poehler describes the current bed bug epidemic as consisting of: “Marauding armies of bed bugs galloping in on mice.” Bronx Beat is awesome. Of course, Maya […]

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Bed bug satire in

September 29, 2010

I think you will find this bed bug satire by Chris Bucholz amusing (rated PG for language): “9 Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs” ( If you haven’t been living in a cave with your Ace of Base CDs and your Tamogatchis and your Seinfeld references, you’d know that the hottest trend sweeping the […]

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Fear of bed bugs: hysteria and reality

August 31, 2010

Let’s consider the fear of bed bugs. Here is the transcript of a conversation between host Ira Flatow, Psychologist Dr. Kevin Ochsner (of Columbia University), and producer Flora Lichtman about psychological reactions to bed bugs, which aired in the Science Friday segment on NPR’s Talk of the Nation last week. I first want to direct […]

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Bed bugs are back! / ¡Los Chinches Estan De Vuelta!

April 28, 2010

Dear Readers, We have some very creative and funny people in our forums.  When funny people get bed bugs, their humor serves as comic relief for all of us in the trenches. Below, a recent contribution from a reader going by the name of elchinche. It was originally posted on the forums. With elchinche’s permission, […]

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Bed bug “luau” on the Camino to Santiago

September 12, 2009

The bed bugs are still biting Pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain. We last posted about bed bugs on the popular Spanish pilgrimage route exactly a year ago.  There was so much bed bug trouble in various lodgings on the road to Santiago that the government was planning to close […]

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PETA Women to Breast Feed Bed Bugs in New “Compassion Tour”

July 18, 2009

You’re going to love this one: The Spoof reports that PETA is extending compassion to bed bugs in its new campaign. Their new “Compassion Tour” involves beautiful, naked women in raised platforms and lying in bed in a very public setting. The catch? The women are breast feeding large broods of “guest” bed bugs in […]

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Let’s get into that holiday spirit

December 8, 2007

There’s nothing worse than bed bugs during the holidays. But we still have to celebrate life, family, and love. Toss in a litte gallows humor (so beloved of Bedbuggers) and you have Bed Bug Holiday Songs: NotSoSnug has started us off, messaging me with his Christmas carol to the tune of “Chestnuts Roasting on an […]

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The Huffington Post: Nicholas Brown’s bed bugs, volumes 3 and 4

November 2, 2007

Somehow I got behind on Nicholas Brown’s bed bug saga; two more installments have appeared. He posted volume 3 last week, which chronicles the “laundry and first treatment” phase. Somewhat unconventionally, Brown as his roommates Katherine and Jihad had not done much prep before their PCO showed up. He was kind enough to come back […]

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comic (itch) relief

June 22, 2007

A Mark Wilson (MARQUIL) cartoon from (September 28, 2006):

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I’d like the name of that therapist

January 1, 2007

fom the website “Overheard in New York”: 30-ish lady #1: Did you talk to your therapist about bedbugs? 30-ish lady #2: I only talk to my therapist about bedbugs. –34th & Madison Overheard by: K

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Bedbugger Jess: almost famous!

December 30, 2006

We’re very proud of our Jess and her “An Open Letter to my Bedbugs” which was posted anonymously on Craigslist. The author’s identity is known only to Bedbuggers, as far as I can tell. And that’s in no small part due to Jess’s modesty, which is as prevalent as her writing talent. Now Jess’s piece […]

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