how to avoid bed bugs

Bed bug education event on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Tuesday focused on prevention and IPM

March 4, 2009 reports that a bed bug education session was held in Gulfport, Mississippi yesterday: GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) – Don’t let the bed bugs bite! That’s what local pest control employees, state health officials, and people in the tourism industry learned Tuesday. About 70 people took part in a training session in Gulfport to learn more […]

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Bed bugs on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela

September 12, 2008

Santiago de Compostela (Spain) – Old Town Originally uploaded by Danielzolli Every year, many thousands of pilgrims walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela — a medieval pilgrimage route which is very popular today among spiritually-minded “pilgrims,” as well as those attracted by an interest in history, hiking / biking, or travel. It traverses hundreds […]

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Why we need a massive public education campaign about bed bugs (reason #327)

April 3, 2008

A reader in the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area wrote tonight to tell me this story. The reader, who has suffered much from bed bugs and was discarding a cherished piece of wooden furniture only after a long fight with bed bugs and many treatments. It was wrapped in sealed plastic and labeled as being infested with […]

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The Daily News on bed bug dogs; a Bedbugger idea for avoiding bed bugs while traveling

March 3, 2008

Carl Massicott and Vince Mangano, bed bug dog handlers of Radar and Taz, who are regularly called to sniff in the New York area, were featured in this Daily News article Monday. According to the article, it’s hard to keep up with demand for the doggy detectives. But here’s what caught my eye in the […]

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Dayton and Middletown, Ohio: avoiding bed bugs is difficult

March 3, 2008

According to the Dayton Daily News, you can get bed bugs from all kinds of sources: 4-star hotels, college dorms, from your neighbors via pipes running from apartment to apartment, and from used furniture. When you’re thinking about how to avoid bed bugs, you have to realize it’s not just about you: your neighbors have […]

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NYC Bed Bug Seminar: did anyone get a letter inviting them?

February 22, 2008

Jeremy, the blogger, got a letter inviting him to the March 12 bed bug seminar in Bushwick. Anyone else get a direct invite to a NYC bed bug seminar in their neighborhood?

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Bed bug notice: East Village, NYC, January 2008

February 16, 2008

A bed bug notice found in a building lobby in Manhattan, by our stealthy photo contributor, iPhone Interloper. Good: Building management admitting problem publicly, posting notice. Notice asking for bed bug reports. Notice reminding tenants secondhand mattresses are a no-no. Notice is building-wide even though only one unit has apparently identified a bed bug problem. […]

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Bed bugs in North Jersey

February 5, 2008

Marsha Stoltz provided a typical regional bed bug news story in The Record Sunday: Creepy crawly creatures have always been a predictable, if dreaded, part of multi-housing life because of the ease with which they move from unit to unit along shared pipes, wires and cable lines. Landlords and buildings managers typically address these concerns […]

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Bed bugs from Saskatoon to Salt Lake City

January 29, 2008

Today, bed bug news from Saskatoon and Salt Lake City. First, an entire apartment building is being treated for bed bugs in the Fairhaven area of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan after “a couple isolated incidents” of bed bugs. This appears to be a fairly proactive move, if it is true that the incidents were isolated and few […]

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How to avoid bed bugs, according to Texas A&M’s student paper

January 22, 2008

Independent Texas A&M student paper covers bed bugs this week. They mention the seminars in New York City, and the interesting research out of the Center for Urban and Structural Entomology (CUSE, housed at Texas A&M) on bed bugs and chicken farms. And–because it’s a college paper, perhaps–they dig right into the fascinating and […]

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Bed bug highlights from the 2008 Purdue Pest Management Conference

January 21, 2008

This set of notes from the recent Purdue Pest Management Conference is from our bed bug professional-incognito, “Winston O. Buggy.” Thanks, Winston! Following are some important tidbits covered at the conference submitted for your information and action agendas. More work is being done on field strains of bed bugs, as opposed to much early work […]

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New York Times Real Estate Q&A: do sellers have to notify buyers about prior bed bug infestations?

January 20, 2008

This Q&A in the New York Times Real Estate section brings up an interesting question. A couple selling a New York City apartment had bed bugs six months ago. They have not noticed any problem since. So the question is, do they need to disclose that the property they’re selling had bed bugs recently? Jay […]

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