“On the bed bug list” in Brooklyn

September 29, 2009

TV on the Radio vocalist/guitarist (and solo artist) Kyp Malone talks openly to Larry Getlen in this New York Post story about how he’s aware people in his building have bed bugs. The building? “It’s pretty old. It’s on the bedbug list,” Malone says, complaining about the prewar building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where he’s lived […]

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Greenpoint mattress mountain: bed bugs, perhaps?

October 13, 2008

Miss Heather points us today to a veritable “Colossus of Abodes” in Greenpoint, one of the hip ‘hoods battling it out for bed bug capital of Brooklyn. What looks like 7 different box springs and mattresses piled at curbside. Check it out. And hope they don’t get covered in cloth and sold to your neighbors […]

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No bed bugs in Dubai? Or a Greenpoint stoop sale? Don’t be so sure.

June 25, 2008

A piece on Donald Trump’s new Trump International Hotel & Tower in Dubai brings us a bed bug sighting in the New York Observer’s Style section: Which brought us to the host, developer Donald Trump. “The building is going to be something the likes of which has never been done before,” he said of the […]

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More on the Greenpoint HPD bed bug seminar

May 13, 2008

I can’t keep up with my comrades over at New York vs. Bed Bugs! Mangycur has a full report on last week’s bed bug seminar in Greenpoint.

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Greenpoint HPD Bed Bug Seminar

May 7, 2008

The Greenpoint HPD Bed Bug Seminar was last night. I was not able to be there, but Miss Heather has an excellent recap on the evening. New York vs Bed Bugs members were there spreading word on how to get some change on the bed bug issue in NYC. The presenter was Ed Brownbear, the […]

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Bed bugs in NYC: if we could just get Bill Murray on the case

April 30, 2008

Miss Heather of knows that the war on bed bugs needs a little Bill Murray, Caddyshack-style. She also reminds us there’s a bed bug seminar coming up in Greenpoint next Tuesday.

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HPD seminar will be coming to Greenpoint– thanks to community lobbyists!

March 7, 2008

I know the NYC Housing and Preservation Department’s bed bug seminars are not perfect.  But wouldn’t you rather your neighbors had access to one, rather than not? I say yes, especially if you live in Greenpoint.  Greenpointers and their Williamsburg neighbors are seriously bedbugged. So, Miss Heather of and her friend Ann Kansfield (the […]

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So the Craigslist guy is escaping his bed bug-infested dorm for… Greenpoint?!?

December 15, 2007

Remember this guy? Well, he’s back. And it’s hard to believe, but he sounds even less charming than last time. He updates the world that his dorm bed bugs have come back, and he is now moving to a non-bed bug-infested apartment in Greenpoint. (Dude, no bed bugs in Greenpoint?!? Maybe that old landlord has […]

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bed bugs in Greenpoint (NYC), Stamford (CT), Glenwood Springs (CO), and the Internets (.com)

December 10, 2007

Slightly delayed news round-up: » ‘Tis The Season: Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite! miss heather of shares a current photo of suspected bed bug refuse at the Astral Apartments in Greenpoint, and shares an article from exactly 121 years ago, decrying the need for “quality affordable housing”, free of vermin. Glenwood Springs Post […]

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Winter scene in Williamsburg, with curbside mattresses

December 5, 2007

Bed bugs in Brooklyn. Well, I’d guess they were. You can never be sure. But I have lived in New York for many a year, and one did not used to find the sheer volume of mattresses one does today. Many of them look shiny and new, Others are streaked with bed bug pooh! (These […]

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Bed bugs in homeless shelters, casinos, hotels, apartments: Waynesboro, Atlantic City, Greenpoint, Toronto

November 23, 2007

Clip of the Day: | Public Health must declare bedbug war “The problem is spreading like flames all over town. Where are the people who will deal with this problem as if they were firefighters in front of a burning building?” Bedbuggers, Are you all reading Joe Fiorito’s articles in the Star? You really […]

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New York Magazine on bed bugs

November 13, 2007

New York Magazine has a new bed bug story dated November 12th (print edition of 11/19), by Melissa Kirsch. It contains lots of solid advice about not picking up curbside furniture, being wary of Craigslist finds, and searching for fecal spots and blood stains. But it also contains some advice we don’t normally see. Especially […]

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