Cincinnati Establishes Bed Bug Furniture Pick-Up Procedures and Hotline

September 19, 2007

Fox19 reports “City Establishes Bed-Bug Furniture Pick-Up Procedures and Hotline.” (Hopelessnomo drew our attention to this in a comment, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw it.) Cincinnati now has a hotline people can call to have infested items picked up by garbage collectors. Pros: They have a hotline. Garbage collectors know what they’re […]

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Manhattan Mattress Mystery

September 11, 2007

Well, box spring, actually. But I liked the alliteration and the wink to Woody Allen (well, Woody Allen before everything went wrong). The Bedbugger known as iphone interloper* has sent me a batch of interesting photos taken on 1st Ave. in the East Village on Saturday at 2 pm. First the photos, then the commentary: […]

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Finally, somebody does something: Cincinnati’s new Bed Bug Remediation Commission

September 7, 2007

We’ve been following the bed bug situation in Cincinnati for a while. Yesterday, Joe Wessels of the Cincinnati Post reported that city officials were forming a commission to fight the problem: The Bedbug Remediation Commission, a five-member panel of local health, social service and elected leaders, is in the process of forming and will try […]

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Eastern Nazarene College: students cannot bring in ANY used furniture

September 4, 2007

The Patriot Ledger of (2/2008: link removed; no longer working) reports that even students’ own furniture cannot be brought into dorm rooms, say Eastern Nazarene College officials, who are trying to prevent bed bug outbreaks on campus. That means no mattresses, no sofas at the school in Quincy, Mass. The policy only applies to […]

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Flea market nightstand: $10. Bed bug treatment: $3000. No more bed bugs: priceless.

August 1, 2007

CBS2 news in Chicago reports that a family in St. Charles, Illinois, believes they got bed bugs from a $10 flea market nightstand. First the little girl, then mom Amanda Thor and the baby were all bitten by bed bugs. (Click on the top right to view the video.) Less than a week after the […]

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more on bed bugs in New Haven: they’re only using steam cleaning?!?

July 23, 2007

More on the New Haven case described here on Friday. A more recent article from News 8 in New Haven suggests that the The infestation started in one unit and moved to 14 other apartments. The city paid for hotel rooms so the professionals could come in and steam clean room by room, bed by […]

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how stealthy bed bugs can be

July 22, 2007

This Associated Press story from last week, from in Clark County, Washington, is in many ways a typical “now we have bed bugs here” story, found in all regional papers. But it ends with a PCO’s anecdote about the difficulty of discovering where bed bugs were hiding in a hotel room: “Finding them is […]

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Reno; and New Haven: bed bugs cause unsuspecting officials to run around like confused flour beetles

July 20, 2007

In Reno, they have so few bed bug cases, that the health department called three residents of an apartment complex to tell them their building is infested. (New Yorkers, are you laughing?!) Unfortunately, as Geralda Miller of the Reno Gazette Journal reports, the advice being given to tenants is not great: “They’re an indoor critter,” […]

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Bed bugs and marketing (again)

July 13, 2007

We’ve talked in the past about the continued use of bed bugs in children’s television, videos and toys, and store names–all places where people would never want to conjure up images and sensations associated with real bed bugs. It’s a sign, of course, that everyone doesn’t yet get how nasty they are, yet. Here’s a […]

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Furniture scavenging: does it appeal, in the age of bed bugs?

June 29, 2007

Well, I know what your answer is, of course! But I am glad to see Maxwell at covering this question as a poll. I think it’s great AT is taking bed bugs seriously. After all, it’s a home and design blog. Nothing, nothing screws up a home (or design scheme) like bed bugs. Check […]

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Toronto Star: Within five years, bedbugs will be more common than mice, roaches, carpenter ants”

October 11, 2006

Now we’re getting somewhere. For years, when they mentioned bed bugs at all, which was rarely, the press was talking about people with bed bug infestations needing to do some laundry, throw out a mattress, maybe move. (All insufficient and/or not helpful, as we know.) Some news outlets are still at this level. Their refrain: […]

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