Bed bug aggregate pheromone traps “within two years” says Dr. Gerhard Gries

June 17, 2008

This Globe and Mail article is about Vegas, Care Pest and Wildlife Control’s bed bug dog, based in Burnaby, British Columbia. But it includes a section on the status of bed bug aggregate pheromone research being undertaken by Dr. Gerhard Gries of Simon Fraser University: Understanding how insects communicate with each other is the key […]

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More bed bug research: Stephen Kells at the University of Minnesota

April 3, 2008

Richard Shin reports for The Pioneer Press on research being done by Stephen Kells on bed bugs at the University of Minnesota. Kells is at least one of the entomologists working on making an effective bed bug trap. Alas, “we’re quite a distance off” from a monitoring trap, Kells said. Eventually, it will be a […]

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Bed bug infestations on the increase in Australia, says The Age

February 20, 2008

The Age had an article on bed bugs on Sunday, “Bed Bug Infestations on the Increase,” citing Sydney entomologist Stephen Doggett’s data on the spread of bed bugs there: . . . a survey of 121 pest managers undertaken last year by Sydney entomologist Stephen Doggett found that, across Australia, bedbug infestations had risen by […]

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Maclean’s on bed bugs

January 11, 2008

Canadian news weekly Maclean’s has a story on bed bugs dated January 3, 2008 by John Intini. The article conveys the scope of the problem and the speed at which it seems to be spreading: To get a full sense of the bedbug boom, ask any pest control expert. [Carlo] Panacci, for one, used to […]

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Houston Chronicle update on the U of Arkansas / Texas A&M research on bed bugs in chicken breeding facilities

December 8, 2007

A new article picked up by the Associated Press offers more information on the chicken industry-bed bug connection being researched by scientists at the University of Arkansas–Fayetteville and Texas A&M University. Scientists say bedbugs bed down in chicken breeder houses | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle Arkansas entomology professor C. Dayton Steelman, who collects laboratory samples, […]

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Travel reporter gets bed bugs after hundreds of hotel stays

November 21, 2007

After traveling to 71 countries and staying in hundreds of hotels, NY1 journalist Valerie D’Elia encountered bed bugs in a hotel. Luckily, she did not appear to take them home with her. Here she tells the story, and asks a few questions of attorney Steven De Castro (who’s been involved with bed bug lawsuits) and […]

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New York Magazine on bed bugs

November 13, 2007

New York Magazine has a new bed bug story dated November 12th (print edition of 11/19), by Melissa Kirsch. It contains lots of solid advice about not picking up curbside furniture, being wary of Craigslist finds, and searching for fecal spots and blood stains. But it also contains some advice we don’t normally see. Especially […]

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Last week’s Town Hall Meeting in Cincinnati

November 12, 2007

It’s a week later, but I did want to comment on the media’s follow-up from last week’s Town Hall Meeting in Cincinnati, about the bed bug problem. WCPO.com’s Lynn Groud reported on the event last Monday. Hundreds of bed bug sufferers turned out. One speaker said: “For many older adults, they are a 24-hour a […]

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Bed bug news round-up: USA Today, Minnesota Star-Tribune, and the Astral in Greenpoint

November 8, 2007

There is so much bed bug news now, that blogging even half of the major articles that come across my web browser is too much. I offer a selection, as well as an interesting tidbit from a NYC blogger. More news forthcoming, including an update on Cincinnati, and some exciting developments in San Francisco. First, […]

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Bedbugged North Carolina: Bayer’s training grounds for bed bug detection and treatment

October 29, 2007

This article about bed bugs in North Carolina comes from South Carolina’s The State (republished from the Raleigh, NC News and Observer). “There’s a lot of folks who don’t bother to call us. They’re embarrassed. The social connotation goes back to the early 1900s; they were associated with slummy places. And that’s not the case […]

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Harvard dorm treated for scabies–but what was it really? Also, bed bugs at Columbia?

October 26, 2007

Ivy League gossip blog the IvyGate explained this week that the supposed scabies outbreak that forced everyone in the Pennypacker Harvard freshman dorm to be treated for scabies with a full-body pyrethrin cream application (not to mention making them all undergo the extensive laundering and calling-of-romantic-partners that condition requires), is now thought not to have […]

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Lou Sorkin’s bed bug colony (video)

October 6, 2007

Video of Lou Sorkin’s bed bugs, in full motion and technicolor. Warning: This is not for the feint of heart or those with a current, active infestation. Lou says, I had just finished feeding the colony, but not all got to eat and are now busy moving about looking for me. You can see that […]

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