Never assume the tenant who complains about bed bugs is the only tenant with bed bugs

June 22, 2009

Cambridge (UK) tenant Alison Stephenson claims her property development and management firm Places for People is not concerned about her flat’s bed bug problem.  The tenant is apparently responsible for treatment, and Stephenson seems to be happy to arrange for this. But she says other units are infested also.  And there’s nothing she can do […]

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Students vs. bed bugs at British outdoor activity center

May 20, 2009

The Kingston Guardian (UK) reports that A school trip to an outdoor activity center went awry when students encountered bed bugs: Children from Coombe Junior School had to camp outside while their dormitories were sprayed with pesticide last week, after bed bugs invaded an activity centre. Year 5 pupils were affected when Hindleap Warren in […]

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Dacorum Borough Council: bed bugs not a public health problem, so we’re no longer offering free bed bug treatment to needy residents

April 6, 2009

Dacorum Borough Council used to provide free treatment for bed bugs to householders who could not afford it.  Alas, no longer. One local resident, Alex Francis, was concerned: “If there are people with bed bugs or mites who can’t afford to have them treated privately, will they just be living in those conditions, whereas before […]

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Another journalist tells own bed bug tale of woe, this time Michael Hann in the Guardian (UK)

February 9, 2009

It’s always good when journalists and others in the media tell their own bed bug stories. As far as raising public awareness about how bed bugs can (and will) infest anyone’s home, having a journalist or writer tell their bed bug story in the news media is almost as good as having a friend or […]

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Bed bugs as big business: 1939 Post Office London Directory

January 9, 2009

This morning, a bit of history: the Post Office London Directory in two volumes, 1939, discovered at the New York Public Library. (Sorry for the graininess but let’s just say this was an accidental find — the camera phone was the only option.) Note the advertisement around the edges: We Destroy Rats, Mice, Beetles, Moths, […]

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Bed-bugs.co.uk study of how bed bugs spread in London

December 1, 2008

David Cain is well known to frequenters of the Bedbugger forums, and his company, Bed-bugs.co.uk has now completed a survey of the locations of bed bug infestations in London, with some interesting results the company has now made available. By mapping bed bug infestations on a highly localised level, using postcode sectors*, the company has […]

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Journal of Medical Entomology: only 10% of Britons can identify bed bugs

October 7, 2008

The University of Sheffield has conducted a study as to whether British people can identify bed bugs, the Sheffield Telegraph reports. Researchers showed bed bugs to 350 people, and found that teenagers (under 15) were unable to identify bed bugs. The findings were published in the Journal of Medical Entomology. Overall, only 10% of people […]

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Some UK housing authorities ceasing to pay for bed bug treatment

August 13, 2008

This article from the Hounslow Chronicle (in London) on Tuesday reports that some UK housing authorities are no longer paying for tenants’ bed bug treatment, due to the rise in cases. It tells the story of Claire Prince, 24. She and her four children are sleeping on floors, air mattresses, and in a stroller, since […]

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Council bed bug treatment in the UK: rates going up

March 17, 2008

The website This is Hampshire! reports that council (local government) extermination rates are going up, in Southampton at least. Now it costs more to get rid of bed bugs in Southampton. CHARGES to get rid of bed bugs and vermin are to rocket as part of a hike of council fees and charges in Southampton. […]

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This may be Leicestershire, but that is no bed bug

March 3, 2008

Apparently, many journalists still don’t bother to find out what bed bugs look like! As of writing (4 pm EST on 3/3/2008), this article from This is Leicestershire, which is obviously about bed bugs, contains a massive photo of a dust mite. No wonder the article’s commenters think bed bugs are not such a big […]

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Bed bug hotel claim in Isle of Wight; study/travel abroad and bed bugs

November 24, 2007

BED BUG CLAIM EARNS GUEST £630 (Isle of Wight, UK) “A DISGRUNTLED guest who claimed his experience at a Sandown hotel ruined his break has won £630 in compensation. Keith Clack, from Brighton, took legal action against The Carlton Hotel, on Sandown Esplanade, claiming his room and bed were infested with (tags: isleofwight bedbugs UK […]

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Boston University students claim they were threatened if they did not keep quiet about bed bugs in London BU dorm

October 9, 2007

Some Boston University students claim they were bitten by bed bugs in a London BU dorm, that the infestation was not properly identified or treated, and that they were threatened with losing future study abroad privileges if they told anyone about their experience, according to this article by Matt Kaplan in the BU independent student […]

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