Denver Public Library Book Return infested with bed bugs

September 23, 2009

The Denver Public Library’s book return drop box was infested with bed bugs, apparently by a single heavy user of the library’s services.  CBS4 in Denver reported that Library workers handling the books left in the drop box noticed the bugs first. “When we were returning those materials back in to get them off of […]

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Bed bugs displace afterschool program at Denver’s Lake Middle School

April 26, 2009

An auxiliary gym at Denver’s Lake Middle School, which is used for an afterschool program, is infested with bed bugs: The [afterschool] program was cancelled Thursday and will not reopen before Tuesday, pending approval from exterminators. The gym, which contains a game room, office space and a TV room, is being sprayed with pesticides Friday. […]

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Pueblo, Colorado issues health advisory about bed bugs

February 4, 2009 reports that The Pueblo City-County Health Department has issued an advisory about bed bugs, following multiple cases of people complaining of bites or rashes. We could not find anything on the health department’s website. But an additional story on says the advisory was “sent out” by the dept. Public education about bed bugs […]

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25 Grant Street in Denver, Colorado: bed bugs for two years

June 10, 2008

This MyFox Colorado article claims that this beleaguered building in Denver at 25 Grant Street has had ongoing bed bug problems for two years. Denver’s Environmental Health Department says they have had complaints about bugs there for more than two years. The property is owned by Shockor Management and is telling tenants they will spray […]

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More bad news about Denver’s bed bug-infested Halcyon House

June 28, 2007

The bed-bug-infested building which houses mostly elderly and disabled tenants in Denver, Halcyon House, was in the news again today. Ivan Moreno reports for the Rocky Mountain News that the court date finally arrived; the owners sent an attorney to represent them (they’re in Maine), and they were fined $41 for “failing to spray for […]

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More on Denver’s Halcyon House and bed bugs

June 21, 2007

Thanks to Hopelessnomo for the link. Rocky Mountain News Service has an article today by a journalist whose friend Steve is a quadriplegic living in Halcyon House, with bed bugs. It may be the worst thing I’ve read about bed bugs, period. The building has all kinds of other problems, which are horrific in themselves, […]

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Denver’s elderly, disabled, fight bed bug Shaq attack

June 16, 2007

This one is going to break your heart, and piss you off. The Rocky Mountain News reported Friday on a Denver infestation in a 197-unit building called Halcyon House that houses disabled and elderly people in affordable units. Nasty, badly kept, bed bug-infested affordable units (oh, and did I mention the plumbing was broken too?) […]

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Shameful landlord AIMCO: biggest landlord in USA refuses to deal with bed bugs

February 13, 2007

This from the Philadelphia Daily News: Rental Giant Finally Goes After the Bugs. Wow. Denver-based Apartment Investment and Management Co., or AIMCO, is the largest landlord in the US, with 1,370 rental properties. Attorney Jeffrey Rudnick is representing six separate clients who were or are tenants of the building, and say they were blamed (individually) […]

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bedbugs in Denver

October 24, 2006

bed bug Originally uploaded by earmuffin. This is a picture on flickr that earmuffin took, and the location is given as the Beltz / McGowan apartments in August 2005. Ahhhh, August 2005. I remember it well: it was too hot in NYC, but I had never heard of bedbugs. Good times. Not only had I […]

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