Bed bugs hit more libraries, cause closures in Middletown, Connecticut and Wichita, Kansas

August 6, 2012

Many libraries have suffered bed bug problems in the past; and just last week, the Russell Library in Middletown, Connecticut and the Central Library in Wichita, Kansas both closed due to bed bugs. In Middletown, WTNH reported, bed bugs were found in several items: A bed bug was discovered in a DVD case and another […]

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Exhibits in San Francisco and New Haven feature bed bugs

June 30, 2011

Two current exhibits on the east and west coasts feature bed bugs. The San Francisco Public Library is hosting “Bug Off! An Exhibit About Bed Bugs” from June 4th to August 15, 2011. The small exhibit focuses on educating people about bed bugs, according to the library’s website: To help our local community prevent the spread […]

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Bed bug bills being considered in Connecticut

February 22, 2011

Connecticut lawmakers are proposing a number of bills aimed at controlling the spread of bed bugs in Connecticut. According to NBC Connecticut, One bill up for consideration would require that rental furniture be inspected and certified that it is free of bed bugs. Another bill would require people who remanufacture mattresses to include proof that the […]

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Housing Authority of New Haven to purchase heat treatment technology

November 4, 2010

The Housing Authority of New Haven is planning to use Temp-Air heating technology to treat bed bugs in public housing, with the ambitious goal of entirely eliminating bed bugs from all public housing units “within six to nine months.” The According to the New Haven Independent says, On Wednesday morning Housing Authority of New Haven […]

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People with bed bugs featured in “Grant a Wish” columns

December 16, 2008

Both the San Jose Mercury News and the Stamford Advocate have a feature where they identify people in the community needing donors to “grant a wish” this holiday season. The San Jose Mercury article I mentioned yesterday (about the San Jose Family Shelter) also describes a “Wish Book” request from the shelter: Some of the […]

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Stamford Manor residents have had bed bugs for three years!

October 31, 2008

Here’s The Stamford Advocate with another story that makes me mad. Residents of a building for senior citizens like Adelaida Ramos have been dealing with bed bugs for three years: Ramos is one of more than 50 people at Stamford Manor, a public housing residence for seniors, who have reported bedbugs to the housing authority […]

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Waterbury, Connecticut: let’s try less shame, and better information about bed bugs

October 23, 2008

Channel 3 in Waterbury, Connecticut reported today, School: Boy Brought Bed Bugs to Class; Parents Urged to Check Children There’s a lot wrong in that statement alone, let alone the report that follows. First, check your children?!? Bed bugs do not live on children. They are not like lice. They may be carried briefly in […]

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Stamford, Connecticut: 41 cases of bed bugs reported so far this year

September 10, 2008

According to the Stamford Advocate, that city’s health department expects last year’s 85 reported cases of bed bugs will be surpassed this year. (Remember, those are just the cases that get reported to the health department): “It’s going up and it’s going to continue to go up,” said Mike Kraynak, director of health inspections. As […]

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Residents at the Bella Vista apartments learn their building has bed bugs by watching the news

September 4, 2008

News Channel 8 in New Haven claims that after they aired a story on bed bugs in the Bella Vista apartments in Elm City, lots of people came forward to tell management they had the problem too: News Channel 8 showed you the critters up close, then management was flooded with complaints. Bella Vista is […]

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Piecemeal inspections and treatment: no way to rid an apartment building of bed bugs

August 29, 2008

Annie Rourke reported for News Channel 8 in New Haven on Thursday that residents of the Bella Vista complex in Elm City feel their management is not treating bed bugs aggressively enough. New Haven (WTNH) — People living in one Elm City apartment complex say they have unwanted guests: bed bugs. And, they’re saying there’s […]

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Bed bugs in Danbury, Connecticut senior housing

June 10, 2008

According to The News-Times, Danbury Housing Authority is fighting bed bugs in Ives Manor, a 98-unit elderly housing complex on Main Street in Danbury, CT. Carolyn Sistrunk, executive director of the Danbury Housing Authority, said Monday the complex had a problem with the bugs in 2007 and spent about $17,000 to get rid of them. […]

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Bridgeport, Connecticut tenants have had bed bugs more than a year

June 9, 2008

Tenants of 575 Ellsworth Street in Bridgeport, Connecticut say they have had bed bugs since May, 2007 (more than a year), according to this Connecticut Post article. Teresa Bayliss, who has lived in her third-floor apartment for nine years, said the residents have been battling with the insects for more than a year. “Basically, this […]

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