Patient residence in Ottawa refuses clothing donations due to bed bugs: why?

February 24, 2013

Nunatsiaq Online reports that a residence in Ottawa for Nunavut residents seeking medical treatment is infested with bed bugs thought to have come from clothing donations: Larga Baffin is making sure that the patient residence is clean, following the discovery of three bedbugs in a room. Bedbugs have been found at the Larga Baffin patient residence […]

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Kill bed bugs and eggs in your stuff using a Packtite

March 29, 2009

The FAQ below focuses on the original Packtite, which was subject to a voluntary recall by the manufacturer in December, 2013. More on the recall here — including what to do if you have a Packtite Original. To read about the newer, larger, more expensive and more powerful Packtite, available in the US and Canada, […]

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Reader Question: how easy is it to spread bed bugs?

October 12, 2007

A reader writes, Hello, I found your site and wanted to ask a question. I rent an NYC apartment and it has been confirmed by an exterminator that we have bed bugs. I am wondering about the transportation of bed bugs. For example, I work in a corporate office…What are the odds that I’ve transported […]

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Cincinnati: “best weapon against bed bugs is … education”

October 2, 2007

Local News 12 in Cincinnati had a new segment on bed bugs on Monday. That city has declared their bed bug epidemic to be a huge problem, and started throwing energy, time, and resources into solving it as best they can. They appear to fully understand what a difficult task that is. But they’re starting […]

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Queries from Bed Bug Helloise: hanging clothes storage?

September 30, 2007

A reader on the forums asked a question about those zippered clothes closets being used to store clothing during a bed bug infestation. Nobugs and Doug both answered (so far). But Nobugs ceded this to my hands, since I am the person responsible for helpful hints. I have not a hint, however, but a query: […]

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Windsor, Ontario: bed bugs in public housing

September 20, 2007

More stories from large, infested buildings: this time, from 920 Ouellette Ave. in Windsor. The Windsor Star reports that John Fontaine, a 62-year old cab driver, is sleeping on his balcony in an attempt to avoid being bitten. It’s a tactic others have tried, though I am not certain it accomplishes much. The Windsor-Essex County […]

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How to avoid bringing bed bugs home when you travel, kill bed bugs in luggage

August 5, 2007

If you think you have been exposed to bed bugs, don’t panic. What you do after discovering you and your luggage may have been exposed can make a big difference as to whether you take the bugs home. It’s worth proceeding carefully and cautiously since avoiding an infestation can save you thousands of dollars and […]

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August 1, 2007

Apartment Therapy has ended the suspense with the seventh installment of their “Bed bugs Take Manhattan” report on Amanda’s bed bug saga. Amanda has now had (apparently) one treatment and one follow-up treatment from Metro Pest. (Their protocol is listed here.) Apartment therapy’s Maxwell has the idea that “you have to keep the clothing out” […]

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bed bugs at University of Bridgeport

July 24, 2007

Sounds like New Haven is getting mighty itchy lately. According to News Channel 8 (WTNH) in New Haven, University of Bridgeport’s North Hall has bed bugs. Graduate student Li-Wen Chen had so many bites she sought treatment at St. Vincent’s Medical Center. The school has fumigated the building, but students say another problem occurred when […]

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FAQ: dry cleaners and bed bugs

June 26, 2007

Experts recommend washing and drying clothes on hot or dry cleaning them, and keeping them sealed in bags for the duration of treatment. The dry cleaning idea brings up a problem: you must tell the dry cleaners about the bed bugs before giving them your sealed-in-a-bag clothes. A reader asked, Did you have problems finding […]

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Bed Bug Helloise with “exciting” XL Ziploc bag news

May 29, 2007

Bed Bug Helloise returns with a useful tidbit: Hello everyone! You know, besides reruns of Green Acres, and occasionally speaking of herself in the third person, there’s nothing Bed Bug Helloise enjoys more than sturdy, useful bed bug-fighting products. So believe me when she tells you she has exciting news: XL Ziplocs are now being […]

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Lingerie, remember lingerie?

April 17, 2007

Where do we begin to answer that frequently asked question? A friend from the blog whose bed bugs are hopefully gone for good called me today. She just bought a bunch of new lingerie. Woo hoo! For the gents who are blissfully unaware (if I have not already sent them running with my choice of […]

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