bed bugs and children

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum has bed bugs

August 30, 2012

Bed bugs have been found in multiple areas of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum  — both public areas and offices — since August 16th, according to an email from museum executives to employees which was leaked to the Daily News by an unnamed employee. The New York Daily News reports: An exterminator went to the popular Crown […]

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Protect your children! Creepy DDT-infused wallpaper circa 1947

January 25, 2010

This is a delightfully creepy find: Trimz DDT Children’s Room Wallpaper and Ceiling Paper. Yes, Disney-themed DDT-impregnated wallpaper, advertised in Woman’s Day magazine back in 1947. Remember, it’s “Certified to be absolutely safe for home use.” (Remember this next time you see such a statement being made!) And no, I do not think this is […]

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Hazleton Area School District goes bed bug wild

November 13, 2009

The Hazleton, Pennsylvania school district went bed bug-wild on Wednesday, after a single student apparently discovered a single bed bug bite after a sleepover, according to the Standard Speaker. The discovery of a child with a bedbug bite at the Valley Elementary Middle School on Tuesday led exterminators to search five schools on Veterans Day […]

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Bed bugs are not cute or fun!

July 9, 2009

This is not the first time I’ve said it, but it is not a great time to equate the word “bedbug” with cute and cuddly creatures or children’s bedtime fun. See: [2013 update: link to now defunct blog promoting Bed Bug toy removed] “The BEDBUG Blog: Bedbug is COMING!” (which appears to be marketing both […]

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Bed bugs displace afterschool program at Denver’s Lake Middle School

April 26, 2009

An auxiliary gym at Denver’s Lake Middle School, which is used for an afterschool program, is infested with bed bugs: The [afterschool] program was cancelled Thursday and will not reopen before Tuesday, pending approval from exterminators. The gym, which contains a game room, office space and a TV room, is being sprayed with pesticides Friday. […]

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Bed bugs found at Dover, NH charter school

April 3, 2009

Bed bugs recently discovered in a Dover, New Hampshire charter school.  Foster’s Daily Democrat reported, The Cocheco Arts and Technology Academy canceled school Thursday after the city’s health inspector confirmed Wednesday afternoon that bugs a teacher found in a classroom were the same kind of insect that have cropped up in four other properties this […]

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Nursery, pre-kindergarten center closed because of bed bugs

March 26, 2009

The Dayton Daily News reports that Dayton Public Schools has closed the nursery and pre-kindergarten center at Longfellow Alternative Center because of bed bugs. A nursery worker noticed the small bugs Wednesday, spokeswoman Jill Moberly said. The school called the parents of the nursery and pre-K program Wednesday and told them to keep their children […]

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Cincinnati / Hamilton County on bed bugs in schools

November 23, 2008

This video from WLWT and this article from WCPO announce that Hamilton County is warning parents about the possibility of children bringing bed bugs to or from schools. According to WCPO, Hamilton County has issued guidelines to schools regarding bed bugs, which include: training staff to identify bed bugs; discretely removing a child from the […]

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Nebraska library hosts “Bed Bugs” pyjamas story time

June 21, 2008

The Grand Island, Nebraska Independent [dead link to article removed] reports that the local library’s Children’s Summer Reading Program will feature a story called “Bed Bugs” Tuesday evening: “Bed Bugs,” at 6:30 p.m. is a family story time where kids can come dressed in their pajamas. In their pajamas! Perhaps hot on the heels of […]

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Bed bugs, 1980s style

May 2, 2008

Ahhhh, the 80s. A time when so few children in North America encountered real bed bugs that this game was not considered creepy. I especially like that the hopping bed bugs bounce the gentleman’s bed right out of the room. I remain amazed that this show remains so beloved.

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Ventura County motel closure makes many families homeless at Christmas

December 24, 2007

Catholic Charities is one group trying to help those displaced when the Traveler’s Beach Inn was shut down due to bed bugs and electrical problems, the Ventura County Star reported Saturday. The week before Christmas and raining, to boot, some 14 families were tipped out of a Ventura inn because of electrical hazards and an […]

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My Bedbugs children’s tv show

August 23, 2007

The award-winning Children’s show “My Bedbugs” now has a 100 million viewers in the US, according to a press release [dead link to press release now removed]. As more and more of those kids get bitten by real bed bugs, I bet the producers and merchandisers are wishing they picked another “cute” name for their […]

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