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Bed bug bites trouble British MEP Chris Davies in Strasbourg

April 15, 2013

The European Parliament moves its sessions regularly between Brussels and Strasbourg, taking Members of the European Parliament back and forth between the cities. According to the Liberal Democrat Voice, British MEP Chris Davies has recently complained about suspected bed bug bites: “I went to the medical centre in the European Parliament in Brussels. ‘I’ve had […]

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How did bed bugs get here? Did they never leave? Recent research on genetics and inbreeding

December 16, 2011

A new article by Katherine Harmon in Scientific American explores genetic research into bed bugs, which may be used to explain how they spread and thrive. North Carolina State Entomologist Dr. Coby Schal and other researchers (including Drs. Warren Booth and Ed Vargo of NCSU and Changlu Wang of Rutgers) have been collecting samples from […]

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Now available in Canada (and the US): the Packtite Closet

August 18, 2011

There are not a lot of reliable ways to kill bed bugs and eggs in your belongings. Heat is one of the best. And the launch of the Packtite back in 2008 was nothing less than revolutionary for a lot of bed bug sufferers, allowing them to reliably treat small items themselves. Old timers around […]

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Beware bed bug extermination scams and — La Nina?!?

April 14, 2011

CBS News reports that back in September, Consumer Correspondent Susan Koeppen asked Bed Bug Central’s Phil Cooper at the Chicago Bed Bug Summit what her chances were — as a frequent traveler — of getting bed bugs. He replied, “You’re going to bring them home.”  And he was right.  Koeppen recently picked up bed bugs […]

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Bed bug B.S. in the media, part II – Rachael Ray on preventing infestations, bed bug lifespan

September 30, 2010

Although I found the misinformation in the Ohio story about sanitizing secondhand items disturbing, Rachael Ray’s second big bed bug feature, which aired yesterday, gave it a run for its money. (A previous Rachael Ray segment on bed bugs aired last October.) Although Dr. Ian provided some useful advice, other suggestions were pointless or even […]

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Bed bugs: cinema scare in Toronto, moving day in Boston, and New York hotel, schools, and flea markets

September 2, 2010

This is a bed bug news round-up for Toronto, Boston, and New York. A Toronto International Film Festival venue was inspected for bed bugs Monday night after a filmgoer tweeted that she “woke with bites” four hours after viewing Scott Pilgrim vs. the World at the Scotiabank Theatre on Richmond St. W., according to The […]

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Bed bugs infest break room of Mumbai’s train drivers

July 25, 2010

The Mumbai Mirror (India) reports that Western Railway train conductors can’t rest in the twenty minutes they manage to steal between shifts, because bed bugs have infested the sofas in the lobby they use for their breaks: Devendra Yadav, who represents the Western Railway motormen, confirmed his colleagues’ trouble with vermin. ‘The couches in our […]

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Bed bugs factor into plan for South Africa World Cup

May 19, 2010

South Africa’s Sunday Times recently reported that the hotel housekeepers’ industry association is preparing to deal with issues which accompany the country’s hosting of the World Cup in June. The “unique demands” brought by an increase in tourism include a potential influx (and outflux) of bed bugs. To avoid embarrassment and ensure that hotels, lodges […]

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Western Australia Dept. of Health warns populace about bed bugs

January 15, 2010

It’s summer down under, and the Western Australia Health Department is officially warning residents about the spread of bed bugs. (Here’s the media release.) Department of Health Acting Medical Entomologist Ms Sue Harrington said the Department had received complaints about bed bug infestation and bites from the wider metropolitan area and the South West. “Increased […]

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Bed bug cruise surprise!

January 11, 2010

A reader (we’ll call him “Tim Cruise”) writes, We were on a [name of well-known cruise line deleted] ship only a year or so old. I looked under the mattress as soon as we arrived and was very surprised to see bed bugs and a bloody-looking smear on the bed frame.  Instead of denying that […]

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Bed bug “luau” on the Camino to Santiago

September 12, 2009

The bed bugs are still biting Pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain. We last posted about bed bugs on the popular Spanish pilgrimage route exactly a year ago.  There was so much bed bug trouble in various lodgings on the road to Santiago that the government was planning to close […]

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Thriftlodge guest finds hypodermic needles while searching for bed bugs in hotel

July 17, 2009

Wise travelers search their hotel rooms for bed bugs before settling in.  (Our Travel FAQs are a good place to start learning how.) However, it’s worth noting you may find things besides bed bugs lurking in the room. Friday night Michigan resident Frank Escamilla rolled in to town to look into buying a house in […]

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