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Bed bug art: Lou Sorkin’s patchwork is beautiful & educational

October 22, 2013

Lou Sorkin’s latest bed bug art project is as colorful as it is educational: Of this photo, Lou writes, A patchwork quilt of plankton net, bed bug feces, metabolic waste and eggs for the fall. Plankton netting was the substrate upon which the bed bugs have harbored. Unfortunately, not all pictures have the same focus […]

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The happy couple, again: Lou’s male and female bed bugs revisited

December 16, 2009

Lou Sorkin shared a follow-up to Monday’s Photo of newly mated male and female bed bugs.  He writes, Female [has] now deposited dark “typical” fecal matter that many people call undigested blood, but it has been digested and voided. If it were undigested blood, how would the bugs be obtaining any nourishment from their blood […]

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Denver Public Library Book Return infested with bed bugs

September 23, 2009

The Denver Public Library’s book return drop box was infested with bed bugs, apparently by a single heavy user of the library’s services.  CBS4 in Denver reported that Library workers handling the books left in the drop box noticed the bugs first. “When we were returning those materials back in to get them off of […]

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Photos of bed bugs in a wooden bed frame, head board, and box spring

February 21, 2009

The following photos come from Lou Sorkin — pictures of bed bugs and eggs harboring in a bed (headboard, frame, mattress, etc.). All photos and descriptions above courtesy of Louis Sorkin, All Rights Reserved. Many thanks to Lou, for sharing these with us! (All descriptions follow the photo they describe.) Bed frame, headboard & box […]

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Tour of infested Brooklyn apartment, bed bug commercials, from YouTube

August 26, 2008

This YouTube video appears to have been taken by a PCO during a second visit to a badly infested apartment. The person who posted it, iamyournot, said in the comments, The Video doesn’t show how bad it really was, I had to stop taping because there were thousands of bed bugs running over the top […]

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bed bugs with german cockroach

March 10, 2008

bed bugs with german cockroach Originally uploaded by louento.pix Lou Sorkin describes this photo he took at a site of severe infestation: “On a wooden CD shelf, bed bug nymphs and german cockroach nymph cohabitate. Droppings are from both roach and bug.” We have heard cockroaches will eat bed bugs. Here, they’re actually living and […]

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bed bug nymphs, bed bug eggs, bed bug feces, on wood

March 10, 2008

Photos of bed bug nymphs, eggs, and feces on wood. bed bug nymphs, eggs, feces, on wood Originally uploaded by louento.pix Lou Sorkin describes this photo he took at a serious infestation: “CD shelf with some cases removed shows different sized bed bug nymphs, eggs and feces attached to wood. Some feces might be from […]

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bed bugs in the media: the Today Show, Tuesday morning

November 19, 2007

There is a segment planned for NBC’s Today Show tomorrow about bed bugs. I am sure it is a coincidence that I criticized Meredith Viera’s recent recommendation on the Today show that viewers recycle used mattresses via Craigslist and Freecycle. But I am glad they’re doing it, all the same. Update 11/20: University of California […]

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Bed bugs also causing havoc in England & Northern Ireland: university residence, hospital staff residence, possibly a school, infested

June 19, 2007

In light of the story from Ireland today, I wanted to check in on England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, and so I looked through the BBC’s coverage of bed bugs over the past year. On August 17th, 2006 the BBC reported that a residence for doctors and nurses in a hospital in Fermanagh, Northern […]

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