Western Australia Dept. of Health warns populace about bed bugs

January 15, 2010

It’s summer down under, and the Western Australia Health Department is officially warning residents about the spread of bed bugs. (Here’s the media release.) Department of Health Acting Medical Entomologist Ms Sue Harrington said the Department had received complaints about bed bug infestation and bites from the wider metropolitan area and the South West. “Increased […]

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Into every hotel, a little bed bug will creep

December 28, 2009

Bed bugs can be a problem in any hotel, regardless of quality. It’s almost inevitable that someone will bring a bed bug in eventually. Hotels can go to some lengths to train staff about signs and symptoms, and to implement a bed bug inspection program. But eventually into every hotel, a bed bug will creep. […]

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Bed Bug Barrier passive bed bug monitor wins ABC’s “The New Inventors” episode

June 6, 2009

Update (8/15/2010): Since this post was originally written, the product described below has gone to market. You can read more updated information about it here. You can purchase the Bed Bug Barrier Passive Monitor Glue Trap from US Bed Bugs, and either style is currently $6.99 per barrier (or under $28 if your bed has […]

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Korea claims it has first bed bug case in 20 years

January 20, 2009

The Korea Times reports that in December 2007, researchers claim they found the first bed bug sighted in Korea in 20 years.  And they say it must have come from America, perhaps with a recent transplant from New Jersey. Renee of New York vs. Bed Bugs does a good job of clarifying some other possible […]

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It’s summer in Australia, and the bed bugs are in high gear

December 5, 2008

Bed bugs bite year round, but they breed more quickly in warmer weather. Bed bug expert entomologist Dr. Stephen Doggett of Westmead Hospital spoke to Australia’s Daily Telegraph about the problem, which appears to be as bad down under as anywhere. Calls about the problem increased 4500% from 2000-2006, and “Westmead’s entomology unit had calculated […]

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The West Australian on the spread of bed bugs in Oz

September 25, 2008

A new article in The West Australian warns readers of the spread of bed bugs, citing some Australian statistics: Their numbers declined until about 10 years ago – rendering risks to travellers within Australia and many other parts of the world relatively low. But the bugs have bounced back – with a vengeance. “I’ve seen […]

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Bed bugs on the increase in Australia too

July 11, 2008

It turns out the newscaster’s classic and so-tired opening to a bed bug story: “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite,” is only marginally more interesting when delivered in a different accent. Nonetheless, I was interested to see this news report from Down Under, on Today Tonight (If the right video doesn’t […]

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Bed bug infestations on the increase in Australia, says The Age

February 20, 2008

The Age had an article on bed bugs on Sunday, “Bed Bug Infestations on the Increase,” citing Sydney entomologist Stephen Doggett’s data on the spread of bed bugs there: . . . a survey of 121 pest managers undertaken last year by Sydney entomologist Stephen Doggett found that, across Australia, bedbug infestations had risen by […]

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Bed bugs in Cincinnati YWCA shelter; Bargara, Queensland hostel; portrayed in London sleep exhibit,

December 10, 2007

Londonist: Sleeping And Dreaming: The Wellcome Collection (exhibit on sleep includes bed bugs) “This is an all-embracing examination of our need to sleep. . . . The very practical logistics of sleeping are also tackled: bedbugs and the luxury of a bed to oneself.” Bed bugs figure in exhibit on sleep at medical-themed-art centre in […]

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Business Week: The Cost of Bed Bugs

November 9, 2007

Vacancy-bell-(3) Originally uploaded by sonicksjs Finally, someone in the business arena sees the light about bed bugs and the bottom line: and it’s not the flashing dollar signs of the over-the-counter bed bug spray industry, either. Kerry Miller published an article entitled “The Cost of Bed Bugs” yesterday in Business Week, about how business owners […]

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Bed bug dog Joni: fighting bed bugs in New Zealand and Australia

November 5, 2007

In an article today entitled “Hard-worker sniffs out bedbugs,” from the Taranaki Daily News (New Zealand), Sharon Marris writes about bed bug dog Joni who works with Pro-Tek Systems owner John Morley in New Zealand. We’re familiar with bed bug dogs, here at Bedbugger, but it is interesting to read of the situation in NZ. […]

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Bed bug news round-up (New Jersey is notably silent)

May 25, 2007

Such an interesting assortment of bed bug news came through my inbox this evening. First, WLNS of Lansing, Michigan warns that bed bugs are the pest of the 21st century, that they “wreak havoc on your skin and your life,” their incidence has increased 75% n five years (oh, I’d say much more than that), […]

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