Bed bugs in the news (videos)

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This page contains selected videos of bed bugs in the news.

Important notes:

  • The videos below may contain graphic images of bed bugs feeding, and you may want to consider not watching them if you have a current bed bug problem.
  • See our informational videos about bed bugs, which in many cases will be more informative and less sensational than stories about bed bugs in the news media.


ABC’s Nightline on bed bugs — watch for the Bedbugger masthead to go sweeping by! (2010):


This Discovery News video is an introduction to bed bugs — again, don’t miss the shot of Bedbugger’s masthead! (2010)


Bed Bug Specialist David Cain (of Bed Bugs UK) interviewed by the BBC.  David is a good source, but — alas –the BBC is not above the typical news sensationalism  (2007):



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