Bed Bug Videos (Informational)

by nobugsonme on February 5, 2014

Important notes:

  • This content is not produced by The makers of these bed bug videos are responsible for the information provided within.
  • There is more than one legitimate way to approach a bed bug problem, but mixing and matching approaches is not recommended. As always, when it comes to bed bugs, please seek advice directly from a knowledgeable and experienced professional.
  • Although the material below is of an introductory nature, you will find additional bed bug videos related to specific topics in our Frequently Asked Questions about Bed Bugs.  Please come to our active Bedbugger Forums for support and further discussion.
  • Some videos below may contain graphic images of bed bugs feeding, and you may want to consider not watching them if you have a current bed bug problem.
  • Paul Bello’s helpful educational videos have been removed pending an update from the media provider which may not be complete until 12/2015.  We will have them up again as soon as we can.

Here’s Lou Sorkin of the American Museum of Natural History talking about bed bugs (2010):


Video from Rutgers/New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station on one way to get rid of bed bugs using Integrated Pest Management, or IPM (2011):

Bed Bug Specialist David Cain’s video of bed bugs feeding (various genders, life stages; graphic):


Pest Management Professional Paul Bello’s video of a third instar bed bug feeding on a human host (graphic):

You may also be interested in this selection of bed bug videos from the news media, some featuring experts who hang out on our forums.