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by nobugsonme on April 20, 2008


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Please seek professional help in detecting and treating bed bugs, in diagnosing possible medical conditions, or in dealing with legal matters.

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If you make a mistake once and disclose something about yourself which you should not and need a post or part of a post to be deleted, this is not a problem, but please do not ask for your account to be removed or for all of your posts to be deleted. This is extremely difficult, a lot of work, and not fair on other users for a variety of reasons.

Please do not post anything on Bedbugger.com which you know to be false, or which you do not know to be true, or make suggestions which you do not know to be legal. Please do not harrass, threaten, or stalk users of the site via private messages, or public posts. And, it should go without saying, please be nice to others. Please do not post personally identifying information about other people.  Please do not repost others’ private messages or emails to you without explicit permission.  Please do not post images or text copyrighted by others, unless you’re clearly quoting someone (and linking back to them).

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People who provide bedbug-related products and services are welcome to read and comment on the blog. Disclosure is a good thing.

However, advertising is only allowed by arrangement and in the space provided. Do not advertise in the forums or in the blog comments; do not spam us with links to your product or service, or post comments that are veiled sales pitches. (Enquire by email if you’re not sure what’s appropriate.)

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If you use the site, you agree with our PRIVACY POLICY.


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Updated 9/17/2012 to add link to new Forum Rules.

Updated 12/24/2012 to add “Please do not repost others’ private messages or emails to you without explicit permission.” (Note: existing forum rules already stated, “Don’t post private messages publicly.”)

Updated 6/14/2016: It’s now possible, on a case by case basis, to change usernames if you have used a handle which identifies you easily.

1 buggedinkentucky August 8, 2008 at 11:10 am

Hello. New to the site and not sure if i’m submitting my question in the right place. We discovered bedbugs in my 17 year old daughters bedroom two days ago. So far they seem isolated to her room and we’ve been busy bagging her clothing and trying to get ahold of the recommended exterminator. She refuses to sleep in the bed anymore. We are going to bag up the bed and get rid of it and purchase an airmattress for her to sleep on. Is this a good idea?

2 hopelessnomo August 8, 2008 at 11:19 am

Hi buggedinkentucky. Please read the FAQs and visit the forums of this site. You should be able to log in there with the same user name and password.

Throwing out the bed is not often necessary, as it can be encased. If you do decide to throw it out, make sure it’s bagged on site and not dragged through common areas unprotected as you don’t want to spread bedbugs. An air mattress is a common temporary solution. But if the bedbugs were not only in the bed, as happens rather frequently, treating the room and indeed other rooms will be necessary. Others in the forums can provide advice. Best advice is to get a professional to come in to assess the situation and offer advice. (And to do it before you take other actions.)

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