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by nobugsonme on April 20, 2008 · 3 comments has been featured in the press, including online, print, and broadcast media. Here are some examples:

  • The Daily Dot explored “The bizarre and fascinating world of bedbug message boards” (12/2014) in an article written by a Daily Dot writer who was also a Bedbugger Forum user.
  • The article “Six Horrific Realities of Living with a Bed Bug Infestation” (2/2014) described the author’s use of this website:

    For support, I found myself reaching out to the only group who could truly sympathize: other people living with infestations. They are clustered on a little island of sanity in the middle of the Internet called As a source of news, information, commiseration, and (somehow) rationality, I can confidently say that they are totally responsible for what tattered shreds remain of my sanity (shortly after I joined, one long-term member actually let me call them in the middle of the night and panic). Just knowing other folks are going through the same thing makes you feel less alone. Not that I ever really felt “alone” with the 7 million other inhabitants in my apartment.

  • The Journal-Sentinel (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) suggested Bedbugger as a resource in its article “Homeowners turning to do-it-yourself bedbug remedies” (9/2013).
  •’s “9 Tips to Help Travelers Beat Bed Bugs” (4/29/2011) said,

“The first step in protecting yourself is to do some basic research before you travel. Know what bedbugs and their telltale signs look like. A good first stop is a website like, which has photos and great descriptions of what to look for.”

  • KQED recommended us as a resource in its article “5 DIY Tricks to Squash Bed Bugs” (11/2/2010):

“ has many more suggestions for on steamers (sic) and all of the other treatments listed above.”

“Click HERE to go to for the latest news about bedbug infestation, prevention and eradication, as well as about public health policy regarding combating the pests.”

  • Sharpe Session, the AARP blog, called us a “fun bedbug blog!” (3/2010)
  • Penelope Green, in the New York Times (3/11/2010), called “a Baedeker for treatment and a group memoir.”
  • Lisa Lupo’s “Who you gonna call?” in the April 2009 issue (p.100) of Pest Control Technology (PCT) mentioned us among the online bed bug resources in the sidebar.
  • Apartment Therapy DC sent readers to Bedbugger (March 31, 2009).
  • NBC news pointed viewers to Bedbugger for more information on bed bugs; article no longer available on NBC website (Mar. 17, 2009).
  • The Seattle Examiner directed readers to Bedbugger for more information on bed bugs (Jan. 8, 2009), saying:

“For more info: No surprise that there’s a website called It has a lot of good information, including treatment of bedbug bites and how to kill bedbugs. Also a lot of icky photos of actual bedbug bites.”

  • The National Pest Management Association mentioned us under “Resources” in their Jan/Feb 2009 article “NPMA Library Update: Bed Bugs are Back!” (available only to NPMA members):

A Popular Web Site —
Your customers have probably seen this; you should too. This blog reports cases of bed bug occurrences almost daily. Bed bug
registries for various cities and commercial establishments listed.

(Also included, a screenshot of the site.)

Don’t terrify yourself with horror stories on the Internet; check informative sites like


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1 Shishir November 12, 2015 at 3:58 am

Thank you so much for your information! It has hlpeed me out so much! I finally have found the reason why I felt something was crawling on my skin for the past months. I was living with bed bugs. As soon as I found a bed bug I researched for information online and I discovered your site. Thank you again!

2 nobugsonme November 12, 2015 at 6:12 pm

Glad we could help, Shishir.

3 June 27, 2016 at 11:06 am

Off topic but it goes to lucidity. Can you please ramp up the color of the type. This middle gray on white is just not making for easy reading. Thank you.

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