Bed bugs on BART; train taken out of service

by nobugsonme on April 13, 2014

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A BART train was temporarily taken out of service after a passenger complained about bed bugs crawling on his leg.

The San Jose Mercury News reports,

On Thursday, a rider got to work and said he found some bedbugs on his leg after getting on a train at 19th Street in Oakland, said BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost. The train was a San Francisco International Airport-bound train.

The train the man had been on was taken out of service for a thorough cleaning.

BART officials believe bed bugs are not a regular occurrence on their trains.  They told the Mercury,

“Our vehicles are not conducive hosts for insect habitation or propagation, but it is possible that insects can be introduced via the person or belongings of any other riders,” [BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost] said in a statement Saturday. “Reports of bedbugs are very rare. No other reports have come in.”

It’s worth noting that older BART trains have wool-covered seats, which may be more friendly to bed bugs than some other options.

If the embedded video above doesn’t work, you can view it on ABC’s site.

According to ABC news  (see video above), cleanliness is the most common complaint on BART trains.

While bed bugs don’t prefer dirty places to clean ones, it may be harder to identify and eliminate bed bugs in dirtier spaces.

ABC also notes it’s not easy to clean those wool seats, and hopefully that problem will be solved soon:

The upholstered wool seats in older cars must be dry cleaned. New BART trains are on the way and the seats will be easier to clean.

We’re lucky where I live in NYC that subway seats are not upholstered, though many bus seats still are.   Some experts recommend standing up, though many of us can’t always do that, for a variety of reasons.

Are bed bugs on BART or your city’s public transportation a big concern for you?  Please let us know by commenting below!


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