March 2013

Bed bugs lead to hoodie ban in Virginia high school

March 11, 2013

Fear of bed bugs spreading via student clothing at Churchland High School in Portsmouth, Virginia has led to a hoodie ban, Coastal Virginia’s reports. Yes, bed bugs can and do hitchhike on clothing and possessions, but there’s nothing magical about hoodies that makes them ideal bed bug carriers. And there’s no reason to think […]

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“Bedbugs” vs. “Bed Bugs,” and brother vs. brother

March 3, 2013

Alex Wild’s Myrmecos blog has a new post engaging with the age-old question: Is “Bedbugs” one word or two? and finds that internet searchers and printed matter — books, at least — don’t agree: According to Google’s ngram viewer, a measure of word frequency in scanned books, ‘bedbugs’ as a single word is used far more frequently…. […]

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